Zetterburn Up Tilt

Zetterburn's up tilt

Up tilt
, also known as u-tilt for short, is a tilt with up as the input. It can be performed by any character while on the ground by pressing the attack button with up as the input. 

 List of up tilts in Rivals of Aether Edit

Character Description Damage
Forsburn Slowly uses his cape to hit his opponent multiple times. Impressive range makes it a good anti-air move. 2% (hit 1), 5% (hit 2)
Maypul Summons thorny branches that hit in front of her and her sides. Good for juggling. Its upward trajectory makes it well suited for comboing. 8%
Zetterburn Swings his claws in an arc above himself. A fast attack with low end lag and fairly low knockback, which can reliably set up into just about any attack. 10% (front), 8% (middle), 11% (back)
Kragg Quickly his hand turns into a spike, which he stabs upward and hits multiple times. A very good anti-air move that can attack opponents from above, juggle and start combos. 2% (hit 1), 10% (hit 2)
Ori* Holds up a ball that hits the opponent multiple times sending them upward. 7% (hit 1-3 combined)
Wrastor Performs an axe kick that launches opponents horizontally. High starting and ending lag but good knockback and range. Has good KO potential. 10% (sweetspot), 8% (normal)
Orcane Quickly arches his back and stabs upward. Has good range and low knockback; however, the low knockback works well for juggles and combos, as it sends opponents upward. 3% (sides), 5% (middle)
Absa Shoots lightning upwards. A good anti-air move that can easily juggle, combo and snuff out attacks from above. 10% (clean), 4% (late)
Etalus Slashes with his claws above himself. Although it has good combo potential, it is an unreliable anti-air attack as it often trades with other attacks. 10%

*Character has yet to be fully released, therefore may be prone to changing.