The Forest Floor is a DLC stage that appears in Rivals of Aether. It can be purchased along with Sylvanos for $4.99.

Description Edit

Basic Edit

There are five platforms above the main stage at various symmetrical heights.

Aether Edit

When a player lands on one of the four platforms above the stage (the middle platform doesn't have this effect), the platform prepares to bite. After a second, the platform bites, instantly killing any players standing on the platform or in the air slightly above the platform. When the platform is biting, players cannot stand on it.

Background Edit

Origin Edit

This is the floor of the aetherian forest, which is the home of Sylvanos. Maypul and the other peaceful animals of the forest live in the treetops to avoid the dangers of the forest floor.

Trivia Edit

The aether form of this stage is the second walkoff stage in the game, the first being the aether form of the rock wall.