Runes are powerful enhancements only available in Abyss Endless and Abyss Versus modes, with three different tiers being able to be purchased; Tier 1 Runes cost 250, Tier 2 Runes cost 750, and Tier 3 Runes cost 1500. In general, Tier 3 Runes will provide more benefit than Tier 1 and Tier 2 Runes, but take up more space in your Abyss loadout.

When in Abyss Endless or Abyss Versus modes, each character can have a maximum of 9 slots available for purchased Runes; Tier 1 Runes take up one slot, Tier 2 Runes take up two slots, and Tier 3 Runes take up 3 slots.

Forsburn Edit

Tier 1 Edit

A: Air dodging creates a smoke cloud.

B: Smoke is not cleared when gaining a full charge.

C: USPECIAL has reduced startup and landing lag.

D: Smoke is immune to projectiles.

E: Initial dash is faster and longer.

F: FSPECIAL has no cooldown time.

Tier 2 Edit

G: Become fully charged after consuming a single cloud.

H: Clones explode shortly after being hit.

I: While in smoke, Forsburn is invisible and does double damage.

J: Smoke damages enemies.

K: Clone always acts like it's fully charged.

Tier 3 Edit

L: FSPECIAL creates 2 clones at once.

M: When in smoke, take reduced knockback

N: Clone constantly spews smoke.

O: Smoke explodes when ganining a full charge


Zetterburn Edit

Tier 1 Edit

A: Burn effect lasts longer.

B: Fireballs travel twice as fast.

C: Parry burns opponents.

D: Ground speed is faster.

E: DSPECIAL has a faster boost.

F: USPECIAL has reduced startup.

Tier 2 Edit

G: Flame pools explode when stepped on.

H: FSPECIAL has no time limit between fireballs.

I: FAIR and UAIR have increased knockback on burning opponents.

J: DSPECIAL has less endlag and can be cancelled with a jump or air dodge.

K: Fireballs are bigger, slower, and stronger.

Tier 3 Edit

L: Flame pools slowly spread across the stage.

M: Fireballs stun opponents.

N: USPECIAL and DSPECIAL are armored while traveling.

O: NSPECIAL charges much faster and is more powerful.


Maypul Edit

Tier 1 Edit

A: UAIR causes a strong vertical boost.

B: NSPECIAL throws three seeds.

C: Plants automatically fire seeds upwards.

D: Both forms of USPECIAL have increased speed.

E: Strong attacks have reduced startup.

F: FSPECIAL and DSPECIAL have faster startup and travel speed.

Tier 2 Edit

G: USPECIAL hits opponents after tethering to them.

H: FSPECIAL, DSPECIAL can be jump-cancelled on hit and restore double jump.

I: Wrap duration is doubled.

J: USPECIAL tethers to plants if no opponents are marked.

K: Take less knockback from marked opponents.

Tier 3 Edit

L: More than one plant can be placed on the stage.

M: NSPECIAL hits opponents toward you.

N: Plants wrap opponents on contact.

O: Watcher's Mark can stack up to three times.


Kragg Edit

Tier 1 Edit

A: FSTRONG boosts Kragg forward.

B: Aerials have increased knockback.

C: FSPECIAL has reduced startup.

D: While using FSPECIAL, take no damage or knockback.

E: DSPECIAL has increased knockback.

F: Throwing rocks gives Kragg a speed boost.

Tier 2 Edit

G: Rocks take more damage to destroy.

H: FSPECIAL has faster movement.

I: DSPECIAL creates more spikes.

J: Rocks can be created when one already exists.

K: USPECIAL has reduced startup and recovery.

Tier 3 Edit

L: More than one rock can be in play at once.

M: All DSPECIAL spikes appear at once.

N: Strong attacks have super armor.

O: USPECIAL can be used 3 times before touching the ground.


Wrastor Edit

Tier 1 Edit

A: Air movement is faster.

B: Air dodge hits opponents.

C: DSTRONG is jump-cancellable.

D: DSPECIAL has reduced startup.

E: Air currents are wider.

F: NSPECIAL has a longer duration.

Tier 2 Edit

G: All aerials hit multiple times.

H: Jumping restores air dodge.

I: Strong attacks have reduced landing lag.

J: USPECIAL's sweetspot can be held, increasing launch distance.

K: Strong attacks in an air current have increased knockback.

Tier 3 Edit

L: More than one air current can be in play at once.

M: In air currents, take decreased knockback.

N: All attacks are cancellable on hit.

O: Gain four additional jumps.


Absa Edit

Tier 1 Edit

A: DTILT stuns opponents.

B: DSPECIAL has decreased charge time.

C: FSPECIAL is faster.

D: USPECIAL travels faster and farther.

E: Gain an additional double jump.

F: Sweetspotting clouds doesn't destroy them.

Tier 2 Edit

G: Uncharged NSPECIAL teleports you to your cloud.

H: USPECIAL doesn't lead into special fall.

I: Charged DSPECIAL isn't removed when hit.

J: Clouds spike opponents when placed or popped.

K: Clouds automatically pop on contact with an enemy.

Tier 3 Edit

L: More than one cloud can be in play at once.

M: Strong aerials have a larger hitbox.

N: Charged NSPECIAL bolt lasts longer.

O: DSPECIAL traps opponents for the final hit.


Etalus Edit

Tier 1 Edit

A: DASH ATTACK has a faster boost.

B: USPECIAL has faster startup, charge, and actionability.

C: Ice tiles last longer before disappearing.

D: DSPECIAL has super armor.

E: USPECIAL hits opponents while launching.

F: USPECIAL launches into max height regardless of charge.

Tier 2 Edit

G: FSPECIAL creates more icicles.

H: While armored, movement is faster.

I: DSPECIAL hits all grounded opponents.

J: DASH ATTACK creates ice on the ground.

K: UAIR freezes opponents when they hit the ground.

Tier 3 Edit

L: Strong attacks don't remove armor.

M: Armored strong attack shards have increased knockback.

N: Take half damage when armored.

O: NSPECIAL startup decreased.


Orcane Edit

Tier 1 Edit

A: Bubble attacks cause more hits.

B: USPECIAL has reduced startup and recovery.

C: NSPECIAL has a shorter time limit between shots.

D: Air dodge has greater distance.

E: FSPECIAL has reduced startup.

F: FSPECIAL can be angled up or down.

Tier 2 Edit

G: DAIR spews bubbles downward.

H: FAIR has super armor.

I: DASH ATTACK and NAIR can be held.

J: Bubbles pull toward Orcane.

K: Charge NSPECIAL to increase its distance.

Tier 3 Edit

L: More than one puddle can be placed on the stage.

M: Bubble attacks also release large explosive bubbles.

N: Puddles are not consumed by attacks used on them.

O: When on a puddle, strong attacks have more range.

Trivia Edit