The results screen appears in Rivals of Aether, that follows the conclusion of almost every match. It reveals stats for the players who participated in the match.

The winning character is displayed in the background and the victory song for that character plays. In team matches, the winning team will be displayed in the background, but only one victory song will be played.



This number shows how many times you killed other players.


This number shows how many times you were killed.


This number shows how many times you killed yourself. If you are hit by an opponent and die even if you could have recovered, it is not counted as a suicide. However, touching the ground after being hit and then jumping off is a suicide.

Damage Given:Edit

This number show how much damage you dealt to other players.

Damage Taken:Edit

This number shows how much damage you took from other players.


This number shows the number of successful parries you performed against other players.

Longest Combo:Edit

This number shows the number of hits in your longest combo. A combo is when you hit an opponent while they are still in hitstun from another attack.


This number shows what percent of your attacks hit. Moves with multiple hits (such as Kragg's Neutral Air and Absa's Forward Tilt) count as one move.