Ranno name
Normal (1.05x knockback)
Ground speed:
Aerial speed:
Falling speed:
Slow (base)
Normal (fastfall)
Jump height:
High (base)
High (double)
Ranno is a poison dart frog character and the third water based character in Rivals of Aether. He was released with Clairen on October 17, 2017.

Attributes Edit

Ranno is a character who can choose to combo the opponent with quick, short-ranged aerials or zone them with poison darts and the toxic trap. His gameplay revolves around poisoning opponents to damage them and trapping opponents in a bubble to combo them.

Strengths Edit

  • His toxic trap enables him to pull off massive combos to poisoned opponents
  • He can mix up his recovery with the dive kick, spin, and toxic tongue attacks
  • Poison darts stop grounded approaches
  • The poison stacks deal damage for every attack/special input
  • Forward Aerial is a quick and effective spike
  • Has many long lasting hitboxes with Neutral Air, Back Air, Down Air, and Down Special
  • Sweetspotted smash attacks are very powerful

Weaknesses Edit

  • He is lightweight and easily comboed
  • He can be trapped in his own bubble
    • After using Down Special, Ranno is very vulnerable and it is easy for any character to hit him upwards into his own bubble.
  • Side Special is very punishable if missed or used too often
  • Some of his moves are very laggy (Down Special, Side Special, Up Tilt, Forward Tilt)

Techniques Edit

  • Super Jump - Crouch and then full hop to leap high into the air
  • Needle (Dart) Boosting - Use Neutral Special right before running off a platform to make Ranno move faster through the air
  • Landing Needle throw - If you land while throwing needles, the move will continue with the grounded throw. This means that it is possible to throw some of the needles downwards and some of them upwards if you simply land while throwing needles.
  • Catapult - Use Aerial Side Special to grapple into the ground and buffer a jump to send Ranno flying across the stage
    • Dan Fornace's "Sweet Sugary Ranno Tech" - Right after jump canceling a Side Special, you can use Side Special in the opposite direction to turn Ranno around, letting you use Back Aerials. This works because Side Special has a small amount of cooldown time.
  • Bubble Recovery - Ranno can use his bubble to help him recover. He can grapple to a bubble with Side Special or repeatedly Down Air a bubble to rise slowly.
  • Bubble Movement - Hold Down Special to move the bubble around freely and position it
  • Bubble Creation - Creating the bubble offstage can greatly benefit Ranno as he can grapple to it and it can 'catch' him if an opponent hits him into it. Using Down Special after a wall jump or after taking knockback will set up the bubble in an offstage position.

Gameplay Edit

In-Game Info: Edit

"Ranno can poison opponents with his special moves, causing them to take damage when they attack. Ranno can trap opponents in a bubble. The more poisoned they are, the longer they are trapped. Ranno can use Forward Special to grab the ground with his tongue, propelling him quickly through the air."

Elemental Powers: Edit

  • POISON STACKS - Each character can have up to four poison stacks on them at once (They appear as small green dots over a character's head). Poisoned players take one damage each time they attack. Hitting Ranno removes a single stack.
  • TOXIC TRAP - Ranno’s Side Special and Down Special can place his opponents in a Toxic Bubble Trap that makes it easier for Ranno to combo. The length of time in the trap depends on the number of Poison Stacks on the opponent.
  • POISON SPIN - Ranno’s recovery onto stage has three options. He begins it with a Poison Lunge that is quick and knocks opponents away. After the lunge he can quickly Poison Kick down onto the stage with another quick strike. Or he can use the Posion Spin to fire out an array of Posion Darts in many directions.

Moveset Edit

Move Damage Description
Traits 1% Poison: Certain attacks (Strong attacks, Neutral Special, and Up Special) can add poison stacks to opponents. Characters can have up to 4 poison stacks. Poisoned opponents take 1% for each stack ever time they attack. Hitting Ranno removes a single charge; parrying Ranno removes all charges.
Dash attack 6% A quick chop that sends opponents straight upwards.
Neutral Jab 2%, 2%, 2%, 1% (for each quick hit) Ranno does karate moves and then repeatedly slices with his hand. This move applies a poison stack for each hit of the quick jabs.
Forward Tilt 3% (first hit), 3% (last hit), A front kick followed by a smaller back kick.
Up Tilt 7% Ranno stands on his hands and kicks upward. This move makes him slide backwards.
Down Tilt 5% Ranno sweeps the floor with his leg. A good combo starter or extender.
Up Strong 7-11% (outside), 6-9% (middle), 8-12% (sweetspot) Ranno lifts his arms up and then brings them down in a chopping motion. There is a sweetspot above his head. This move poisons the opponent.
Side Strong 4-6% (weak hit), 8%-12% (sweetspot) Ranno punches with a poison-covered fist. There is a sweetspot at the end of his fist. This move poisons the opponent.
Down Strong 9-14% (weak hit), 10-16% (sweetspot) Ranno slams the ground underneath him, creating poison spikes on either side of him. There is a sweetspot right in the center of this attack. This move poisons the opponent.
Neutral air 5% Ranno kicks both feet forward and remains in that position. This move is extremely useful for escaping combos as it has only a 3 frame startup.
Up air 4%, 4% Ranno kicks above him twice.
Forward air 7% Ranno does an axe kick. His foot strongly spikes opponents.
Backward air 5% (weak hit), 7% (sweetspot) Ranno kicks behind him. The sweetspot at his foot is hard-hitting, but its power is reduced after 5 frames. This move is one of Ranno's most useful moves as it has a long-lasting and hard-hitting hitbox.
Down air 3%, 3%, 4% Ranno sticks out his leg for a while. If he hits anyone, he stomps downwards multiple times, sending them upwards.
Neutral Special 1% each Ranno begins to charge poison darts. He can hold up to four darts at a time if you hold the button long enough. Ranno's poison collar flashes if he is fully charged. Dodging during the charging animation stops the move and saves the charge. When the button is released, he throws the darts in a spray. Each dart adds one poison stack to the target.

This move is named "Poison Darts"

Up Special 4% (upwards kick), 5% (dive kick), 1% each (poison darts), 1% each (spins) Ranno lunges upwards at an angle with a poison kick. At the peak of the jump, holding the attack button will cause Ranno do spin and rapidly shoot poison darts. Using Down Special during this move performs a dive kick, which can be ledge canceled, wall jump canceled, and jump canceled after a few frames (like Zetterburn's Down Special).

This move is named "Poison Spin" and "Dive Kick"

Side Special 6% Ranno sticks out his long tongue and swallows nearby opponents, only to spit them out in a bubble. Bubbled opponents have the exact same properties as ones caught in the down special bubble. Alternatively, this move can grab onto the ground and pull Ranno toward it. In the air, Ranno doesn't move and sticks out his tongue diagonally.

Ranno gains invincibility when the enemy is swallowed until they are spit out.

This move is named "Toxic Tongue"

Down Special 0% Ranno meditates to create a large, poisonous bubble that can be moved by hitting it. The bubble can trap characters who touch it while in hitstun, including Ranno. Once trapped in a bubble, characters can only float slowly in any direction. The bubble will release players in a certain amount of time, which increases if the player has more poison stacks. A poison stack is removed from bubbled targets every 40 frames.

Pressing down special while the bubble is out will move the bubble towards Ranno a short distance.

Holding down special while the bubble is out will allow Ranno to freely move the bubble around. This action also reduces Ranno's gravity.

Toxic Tongue can stick to the bubble and pull Ranno towards it. However, the bubble will pop afterwards.

This move is named "Toxic Trap"

Background Edit

Story Edit

Ranno comes from the Swampy Estuary, a location east of Merchant Port. Although he is a martial arts master, he is rarely seen in combat. Protecting peace is his main goal.

Trivia Edit

  • Ranno was first revealed August 11, 2017 at Super Smash Con. He is the 9th original character and represents the element poison.
  • Ranno's name comes from the artist Marc Knelsen, (also known as El Ranno) who designed him, as well as the other 3 DLC characters.
  • Many of Ranno's moves come from Shiek in Smash Bros. These include Back Air, Forward Air, Neutral Air, Neutral Special, Up Smash, and Down Smash.
  • Infinite Trail - If you cancel an airdodge/wavedash/waveland with a taunt, Ranno will constantly make afterimages. This goes away after he is hit or dies. This was intentionally put in the game.
  • Ranno's collision box extends backwards while using his Side Special. This means that if you do this just before running off the end of a platform, he will use the grounded version of the move and then fall off the platform.
  • Bubble Glitch - An Etalus with Ice Armor can crouch-cancel Ranno's tongue attack. This will create a bubble around Etalus but Etalus will be able to move freely
  • Ranno has been added to Brawlhalla as an alternate skin for Wu Shang.
  • Despite not being playable in Abyss Mode, Ranno has an unused Abyss color in the game's files.

Character Reveal Edit

Ranno Character Reveal

Ranno Character Reveal