Current Patch (1.4.0) Edit

General Changes Edit

  • Moonwalk duration increased from 18 to 24.
  • Moonwalking is locked out for the first 2 frames of initial dash

(makes keyboard/dpad moonwalking equal to joystick moonwalking).

  • Double jumps are no longer restored when hit within 6 frames of double jumping.
  • Reflecting projectiles doubles their base hitpause.
  • Being put into the flinch state will now restore your airdodge.
  • Bouncing off the ground after missing a tech will no longer restore your double jump.
  • You can now parry during respawn invincibility, but you become vulnerable when doing so.
  • Kill move shockwaves have been replaced with a new effect.

If the move will kill with no DI or inward DI (ignoring drift and obstacles) then you will get the standard burst effect. If the move is a guaranteed kill (ignoring ledge tech, but taking drift and obstacles into account) then you will get a 20 frame burst effect with a special background that covers the entire screen.

Character Specific Changes Edit

Zetterburn: Edit

  • Forward tilt hit 1 now pulls enemies inward during hitpause, allowing hit 2 to connect more consistently.
  • Burn is now removed on parry.
  • Bug fix: Forward Strong/Down Strong hit 1 now moves enemies during hitpause when connecting with the last frame of the hitbox.

Orcane Edit

  • Down Strong endlag increased from 19 to 21 (29 > 32 on whiff).
  • If Nair is held, it now bounces off the ground if you land while the hitbox is active.
  • Forward Air and Down Special bubbles spawn/move in preset patterns instead of randomly.

Wrastor Edit

  • Down Air semi-spike hitbox angle flipper removed.
  • Forward Special no longer interrupts attacks.
  • Forward Tilt hitboxes adjusted in size and position. These first two

hitboxes now additionally pull inward to make connecting the third hit more reliable.

  • Neutral Special disjoint removed.
  • Neutral Special hit lockout no longer applies to the final hitboxes

of the move. This fixes a bug where they would miss due to the last multihit hitboxes hitting late.

  • Down Strong will now bounce if connecting on the frame before landing.
  • Down Special changed into a two-hit attack (to prevent it from heavily winning trades).
  • Up Special sweetspot angle flipper removed.
  • Prat fall air acceleration multiplier increased from 0.25 to 0.5.

Kragg Edit

  • Forward Air landing lag increased from 6 to 8 (9 > 12 on whiff).
  • Angle flipper removed on rockless Neutral Special.

Forsburn Edit

  • Removed invincibility from clone creation.
  • Shortly after starting Forward Special, it will now go on a

cooldown. This makes it so you can’t Forward Special again immediately if it’s interrupted.

  • Forsburn no longer retains smoke charges when super clone dies from the bottom blastzone.
  • Parrying clone explosion now allows you to cancel parry’s endlag, like other projectiles.
  • Forsburn can now use regular Down Special immediately after the clone explodes.
  • Forward Air decreased in size to match animation better.
  • Up Air active frames decreased from 16 to 10. Endlag added so that it’s the same on hit, but has more whifflag.
  • Getting interrupted while performing Forward Special or Neutral

Special while fully charged now causes you to lose all smoke charges.

Absa Edit

  • Forward Special and Neutral Special Cloud Pop will no longer hit Absa if parried near her.
  • Fixed a bug that made Up Tilt 1 frame faster on hit than it should

be. Increased from 8 on hit, 14 on whiff to 9 on hit, 14 on whiff.

Etalus Edit

  • Forward Special hitbox size increased to make hitting with and parrying this move more consistent.
  • Neutral Special now gains armor 1 frame earlier so that trading with the move doesn’t stop it from getting armor.
  • Down Special is now walljump-cancellable when done near a wall.
  • Enemies can no longer be frozen during the respawn state (fixes a bug that turned enemies invisible).

Ori and Sein Edit

  • Hitpause removed from Sein taps when they do no knockback.
  • Bashing rock on the frame it hits the ground should no longer crash the game.
  • Sein’s Team-up Down Strong hitboxes increased in size inward to stop the move from whiffing opponents in the center.
  • Team-up Forward Strong back hitbox now carries opponents into the front hitboxes.
  • If a projectile is destroyed while being bashed, Ori will now be launched upward instead of going into special fall.
  • Charged Flame will no longer hit Ori when parried near them.

Ranno Edit

  • Neutral Special endlag scales from 18 to 12 based on how many

needles were thrown. Endlag was previously 12 for aerial needle and 18 for grounded needle.

  • Getting hit during Neutral Special now causes Ranno to lose all needle charges.

Clairen Edit

  • Forward Tilt endlag increased from 12 to 15 (18 > 23 on whiff).
  • Dash Attack endlag increased from 13 to 16 (20 > 24 on whiff).
  • Down Special will no longer create a plasma field if the counter attack is parried.

Sylvanos Edit

  • Tail removed from hurtboxes (except during the active frames of Forward Tilt).
  • Solo Up Air2 base knockback decreased from 9 to 8.
  • Forward Tilt startup increased from 5 to 7.
  • Forward Tilt projectile now comes out 2 frames later so that trading

with Forward Tilt will always prevent the projectile from spawning.

  • Up Tilt startup decreased from 8 to 6.
  • The first hit of Down Tilt (both hitboxes) now has 4 extra frames of

hitpause for the opponent, making it link reliably in most cases.

  • Down Special will stop spreading if Sylvanos is hit.
  • Holding taunt while emerging from Up Special now cancels Up Special into a taunt.
  • Sylvanos no longer creates grass while rolling or tech rolling.
  • Grass on cooldown will now be removed on death.
  • Down Special will no longer hit Sylvanos when parried near him.
  • Bug fix: Forward Tilt projectile hitbox height increased to match the visual.

Elliana Edit

  • Once per airtime, hovering in the opposite direction of your

horizontal momentum will give you a boost in the new direction (the same boost other characters get when they double jump). Going into hitstun resets this ability.

  • Uncharged Forward Special knockback increased from [6 BKB .1 Scaling] to [7 BKB .2 Scaling].
  • Uncharged Forward Special cooldown increased from 0 to 20.
  • Charged Forward Special knockback scaling increased from .9 to 1.0.
  • Charged Forward Special hitpause increased.
  • Up Special will no longer hurt Elliana when parried near her.
  • Elliana’s mech now moves with moving platforms when left behind with Up Special.
  • Down Special’s mine now takes 100 frames to become active when stuck to a player, unless they’re in parry stun.
  • Up Special’s mech now only explodes when it’s overheated.
    When deployed, it will automatically build up heat. This change adds 30 frames of startup time if you have 0 heat built up, while keeping the startup the same if you’re overheated.

Patch (1.0.2) Edit

We have a new hotfix to fix some bugs with Rivals of Aether 1.0.1. We are still working on optimization and fixing memory leak issues in Abyss Mode and hope to push another bug fix update soon. If you want to get your replays from 1.0.1 still then head to the beta branches on Steam.

New Stuff Edit

  • Absa and Etalus now have victory jingles and result screen backgrounds.

Bug Fixes Edit

  • Ranked Banning now works correctly when a player lets the ban time run out.
  • The Ranked Result Screen trophy now completes before moving onto the result data.
  • The Swift Rival Achievement should now unlock correctly when you get gold on the Aethereal Gates last.
  • The intro video’s audio now uses the game’s music volume setting.
  • Doing a time match before Story Mode or Abyss Mode should no longer mess up those modes.
  • Tilt Stick up during dash performs a dash attack instead of an up strong.
  • Tilt Stick now works correctly with Absa’s Forward Tilt and Etalus’ Down Tilt.
  • Performing a neutral strong attack after rolling forward will no longer turn you around.
  • Fixed a crash when the training mode AI was set to Perfect or Random Drift DI.
  • The objective text at the beginning of the explosive enemy wave will now display the correct number of enemies.
  • Frozen Fortress platform collision fixed to match the visuals.
  • Frozen Fortress spawn points fixed.
  • Tempest Peak background drawing issues fixed.
  • Ice is no longer dumb on horizontal moving platforms.
  • Orcane’s Neutral Special no longer bounces off platforms that are moving down.
  • Orcane’s puddle no longer gets pulled by a pillar when on a moving platform.
  • Orcane’s puddle now picks a platform to follow when placed directly on the center on the Aethereal Gates basic stage platforms.
  • Placing a pillar under the stage on the “don’t touch the ground” wave will no longer cause infinite hitboxes to spawn above the pillar.
  • Custom color menu is now only controllable by the player who selects the menu option instead of all players.
  • All players can now control the results screen after a replay, instead of just the players in the replay.

Previous Patches Edit

1.0.1 (Hotfix) Edit

We have a new hotfix to fix some bugs with Rivals of Aether 1.0.0. We have some more left and will fix them as soon as we can.

Bug Fixes Edit

  • Abyss Empty Rune Slots now unlock correctly without the need to restart the game.
  • Fixed one memory leak when Abyss enemies die.
  • Declining a Ranked Opponent or getting declined will no longer restart the menu music.
  • The Game no longer crashes during the banning phase of 2v2 online matches.
  • The Aethereal Gates respawn position has been moved to prevent invisible respawning on the Basic Version.
  • Maypul Triple Seed Rune no longer leaks into online play.
  • Tilt Stick now works in Story Mode
  • Premium Colors no longer mess up taunting in Story Mode
  • Clouds, Rocks and Puddles are now removed when you stop playtesting.
  • The Buffer works in the Online Lobby Correctly again.
  • Hit Effects are now drawn as the correct color in the Online Lobby.
  • Orcane Puddles can be used in the Online Lobby again.

1.0.0 - Full Release Edit

Happy PC launch day everyone! As of 9AM this morning, Rivals of Aether has officially left Early Access on Steam.  We’re incredibly excited as the full release brings a ton of new content, polish, and ways to play alone or with a friend.

Version 1.0.0: New Modes and Content Edit

In addition to bringing the long awaited single player modes, the full launch today also packs in plenty of extra collectibles and polish. Content changes this update include:

  • Story Mode
  • Abyss Mode
  • Leaderboards
  • Currency / Unlockables (New skins, custom color slots, and more)
  • Collectible Steam Trading Cards / Badges / Backgrounds
  • New Music (stage music, victory themes, menu music)
  • Achievements

Balance Changes Edit

Now that we’ve left Early Acess, you can also expect balance changes to taper down. Early Access was the perfect time to experiment and get feedback, but now you most likely won’t see changes unless things are being shaken up heavily (e.g. something like a roster addition).  Here’s the balance changes for patch 1.0.0:

  • 1.0.0 Maypul Root not destroyed by hitboxes. Damage 6 > 5.
  • 1.0.0 Kragg Nair Hit 2 knocks up isntead of out.
  • 1.0.0 Kragg Fair angle changed from 35 – 40.
  • 1.0.0 Maypul lower Usmash hitbox reinspect. (only 8 pixels wider)

CEO Dreamland Seasonal Colors Edit

The seasonal colors are back and this time the Rivals are sporting CEO Dreamland styles. Join us in Orlanda, Florida or watch online and support the stream as Rivals makes its first appearance at CEO.  If you’re also interested in playing Rivals at the event, now’s a great time to register as the devs are covering 50% of the entry fee for new players plus a copy of the game.

What’s next for Rivals? Xbox One Launch, Abyss Versus Online, and more Edit

That’s right, just because we’re released doesn’t mean we’re done. First, now that the PC version is out we can focus on Xbox. We’ve got some extra requirements for console as well as things like skin codes to figure out so we’re expecting the Xbox launch to happen sometime in May. We also have our eyes set on making some additions to the game that have been heavily requested by fans. We would put these together as a patch 1.1 for both Xbox and PC. Here are the top ones on our list that we’d like to get out in the next patch:

  • Enable Abyss Versus Online
  • Replay Improvements (Pause, fast forward)
  • Keyboard Control Improvements (C-stick functionality)

0.15.10 (Hotfix) Edit

Bugs, Balance and SDI Edit

We have a brand new hotfix with some balance changes. We do like the goal of Single Smash Directional Influence (SSDI) but since most of our competitive play is online, it’s just too hard to be consistent with SSDI right now. We are reverting back to ASDI and tweaking a few of the problem moves. We also re evaluated some of our multi-hit attacks to make ASDI more important and to create more variety. Absa retains the ability to pull enemies into her attacks but Zetterburn Neutral Air, Kragg Neutral Air and Orcane Down Air have had their knockback normalized. We also aimed to fix some bugs related to the Online Team Matches.

Changes Edit

  • SSDI reverted back to ASDI
  • ASDI can now be performed with the right stick (takes precedence over the left stick)
  • ASDI strength is now 10 (was 8 in 0.15.8 and 14 in 0.15.9)
  • Fixed the bug where characters wouldn't go into parry stun if they landed while being boosted upward
  • Random Stage Option added to Invited Team Matches.
  • Bug Fix: Stage Striking now transitions to Stage Banning in Teams Exhibition and Invites.
  • Bug Fix: Prevented Phantom P3 from joining regular matches. Please post here if you still see the issue.
  • Zetterburn Neutral Air and Orcane Down Air no longer pull toward the center of the move.
  • Zetterburn Neutral Air hits separated by 2 frames instead of 3 frames.
  • Orcane Up Tilt lower hitbox made bigger
  • Wrastor Tornado ASDI Modifier 1.0 > .8 to make it back to old ASDI values.
  • Kragg Neutral Air hitbox properties changed. Now knocks away mostly instead of being a washing machine.
  • Kragg Forward Air Base Knockback 8 and .7 Scaling to Base Knockback 6 and .85 Scaling. This will reduce early KOs while making it an even stronger KO option after 110%.
  • Lily lifespan reduced 12 seconds > 10 seconds.
  • Lily will attack if Maypul is in hitstun again. It was way too unpredictable to work well for the opponent.
  • Forsburn Down Air Knockback Scaling 0.6 > 0.5.
  • Forsburn empowered Neutral Special returns!
  • Maypul Down Strong Hit 1 Art and Hitbox adjusted to match. Art reduced, hitbox expanded by 2 pixels.
  • Maypul Up Strong Art and Hitbox adjusted to match. Thinner near maypul wider at the top.
  • Etalus can now air dodge out of Up Special while traveling up as well.

0.15.9 - Love is in the Aether Edit

Hey Everyone!

Love is in the air today, even in the world of Aether, and we’re back with our second update of 2017. Now you can grab your best friend or lover and hop online to battle against other players! We’re adding several cool additions this patch (including team battles) which have long been a requested feature. We’re also tweaking the balance after our amazing Genesis 4 tournament as we gear up for the full launch on Steam next month.  You can find the major features in patch 0.15.9 below. There won’t be very many more updates before 1.0 now!

Teams Edit

Team battles are here! You and another friend at your computer can now play 2v2 online by going to Online > Team Match. If you’re comboing alone this Valentine’s day you can also play with a CPU partner (we’ve programmed them to be extra romantic this patch). This mode is in beta so please make sure you let us know about any bugs/issues you encounter so we can get them fixed up.

Steam Profile Info Edit

You can now view the profile of your opponent with a simple press of a button under their name on character select. This will open up their profile in a separate browser window. While it doesn’t sound like a big deal, this will make it way easier to add a friend and keep playing with them if you’re enjoying an opponent you found online.

Seasonal Skins Edit

The Genesis 4 seasonal skins have been rotated out to make room for Valentine’s Day skins and the entire cast is looking extra lovey-dovey.  If you’ve ever wished the world of Aether had more fluorescent animals, then this is the update for you. Read on for all the fine details on character balance and engine changes.

General Edit

  • You and another friend at your computer can now play 2v2 online by going to Online > Team Match.  Note – this mode is in beta so please make sure you let us know about any bugs/issues you encounter so we can get them fixed up.
  • The Genesis 4 seasonal skins have been rotated out to make room for Valentine’s Day skins.
  • You can now view the profile of your opponent on Steam by opening up their profile page in a browser with a simple press of a button under their name on character select. This will make it easier to add a friend if you enjoy playing with someone.
  • Hitstun duration is now slightly more dependent on weight. Lighter characters will have a few more frames of hitstun, heavier characters will have less. The change is fairly minimal, so don’t be too worried.

Zetterburn Edit

Zetterburn’s charged Neutral Special is pretty hard to deal with and doesn’t exactly line up with the visual. So we are tweaking it to make it feel better. We are also making Forward Strong a little bit faster to promote using it along with his other strong attacks.

  • Charged Nspecial sourspot hitbox removed
  • Charged Nspecial sweetspot active frames increased from 2 > 3 (effective active frames 7 > 3 after sourspot removal)
  • Charged Nspecial size increased from 160 to 170 to better match the visual
  • Forward Strong startup decreased from 15 > 13 frames.

Orcane Edit

We have a new animation for Forward Special and a new hitbox to balance out the move at both high and low level play.

  • Forward Special (non-puddled) now has a smaller hitbox, making it harder for opponents to cover/punish multiple distances with a single parry, but also harder for Orcane to hit with. This gives the moves more strength as a high level recovery option while stripping some of its power away from low to mid-level play where spamming it is a decent strategy.
  • Bug Fix: Jab 3 hurtbox now lines up with the animation again.

Wrastor Edit

Wrastor is a powerful character but he takes skill and good spacing to be successful. We are stripping away some base knockback from the sour spot of Up Strong to reward good spacing more.

  • Ustrong sourspot base knockback decreased from 7 > 6

Kragg Edit

Kragg’s hitstun gravity in the last update was pretty insane. Making him a monster in teams as he rarely dies off the top. We like the idea of him being heavier but wanted to find a middle ground. We also buffed his Forward Tilt and Forward Air because he likes to knock things forward.

  • Kragg Hitstun gravity decreased from .55 to .525 (.50 in 0.15.7)
  • Ftilt startup decreased from 12 > 10
  • Fair hitbox extended 10 pixels inward
  • Fair knockback angle changed from Sakurai Angle (40 ground 45 air) to 35. This makes it KO earlier but also reduces the amount of Fairways to Heaven.

Forsburn Edit

Forsburn has the biggest changes in this update. He has been sneaky for so long but not this time. First of all, we did not like how the empowered specials were playing out as really only Combust and Super Clone actually felt worthwhile of a new “attack”. We have decided to keep those attacks the focus of getting smoke while removing charged Up Special. To balance out his recovery, we are letting him wrap through walls with more leniency on Up Special. Finally, we have tweaked some of his damage and knockback angles to spread power around his kit.

  • Down Air hit 1 knockback angle changed from 40 > 35
  • Down Air hit 2 knockback scaling increased from .5 > .7
  • Combust knockback scaling decreased from 1.0 > 0.9
  • Combust sweet spot added with knockback scaling 1.1.
  • Forward Strong hit 2 damage increased from 8 > 12.
  • Up Strong hit 2 damage increased from 8 > 12.
  • Back Air sweetspot damage increased from 10 > 13.
  • Down Air damage increased from 10 > 12.
  • Up Special vertical leniency now allows for more maneuverability 50 > 96.
  • Up Special landing lag increased from 16 > 20.
  • Up Special landing lag reduced to 10 frames if you reappear in the air.
  • Empowered Neutral Special and Up Special removed.
  • Getting parried now removes your smoke charges.
  • Super Clone now leaves 4 clouds of smoke when destroyed.

Maypul Edit

For such a rushdown character, Maypul can use Lily to camp pretty effectively. We have decided to prevent Maypul from freely moving Lily around after placing her and made some downtime for when Lily gets parried.

  • Can not plant a new Lily when one already exists (as a result, Fat Lily had to be removed).
  • Parrying Lily’s attack now puts Lily in a stunned state for 4 seconds. Lily still disappears after being parried.

Absa Edit

Forward Tilt has been a contentious move since Absa was added to the game. We think by redesigning it to a two part attack we have a chance to make it useful both at short range and long range.

  • Forward Tilt changed into a two-part move. Seeing the first part will be a good tell for dodging the second.
  • Down Strong endlag decreased from 21 > 18 frames (on hit: 14 > 12).
  • Waveland friction lowered slightly for longer wavelands.
  • Down Special charge reduced from 45 > 35 frames.
  • Absa Charged Neutral Special Hitstun factor increased from .6 > .7.

Etalus Edit

For Etalus, we wanted to tweak his Armor to make it more reliable. The Super Armor comes out earlier on his Armored Strongs but he also loses his Armor when his Forward Special is parried now. Finally we buffed Down Air as it is one of the least used moves in the game.

  • Etalus Armor Strongs – Armor now comes out on frame 7 (11 > 7) on Up Strong and Forward Strong and frame 9 on Down Strong.
  • Jump Squat reduced from 6 > 5 frames (now the same as every other character)
  • Down Air final hit base knockback 4 > 6
  • Down Air final hit knockback scaling .6 > .5
  • Down Air Damage increased from 2,2,8 > 4,4,8
  • Etalus can now hold down to prevent Down Air from stalling his momentum
  • Forward Strong hit 1 hitstun modifier 1.0 > 0.5 (only matters if hit 2 doesn’t hit). Allows players to escape if the attack does not connect.
  • Down tilt second hit angle changed from 65 > 75
  • Down Tilt hitbox heights increased from 20 > 30 and 30 > 40.
  • Etalus now loses armor as intended when his Forward Special gets parried

0.15.8 - A New Beginning Edit

Hey guys it’s time for the Genesis 4 Tournament update! This patch has minor gameplay changes to accommodate for the fact that Genesis 4 is next week! However we wanted to fix some of the issues with 15.7 and update some visuals to make sure the build at Genesis is a great showcase of our game!

This update is going live today on both Steam and Xbox One! A first for our team! Woooohhhhh!

Visual Updates Edit

  • Seasonal Xmas colors replaced with Seasonal Genesis Colors.
  • The Character Select screen has been overhauled to use the new dynamic poses that the Result Screen now employs.
  • New Background effect on the Character Select Screen and Stage Select Screen.
  • Having Super Armor now applies a feint white outline to characters. You can see this on Kragg Forward Special and Etalus Ice Armor on Strongs and Up Special.
  • Kragg Air Dodges, Rolls and Parry have been updated to show off his rocky defense.
  • Zetterburn Down Strong has received a polish update to increase the frame count.
  • Orcane Jab Combo has received a polish update to increase the frame count.

Gameplay Changes Edit

  • Zetterburn dash attack hitpause lowered to make teching it more consistent with other dash attacks.
  • Zetterburn no longer loses his Uspecial after bouncing off the ground while using Uspecial.
  • Orcane strong attack base knockback decays slightly over time. These should weaken the extended hitboxes at lower percents but they retain the same scaling so even late hitboxes will KO well at high percents: -Ustrong: 10 > 8 (8 active frames) -Fstrong: 7 > 5 (4 active frames) -Dstrong: 7 > 6 (4 active frames)
  • Kragg can now choose to stop rolling immediately when Forward Special is parried.
  • Absa cloud pop now has extended parry just like her Forward Special does.
  • Etalus armored strong attack super armor now only starts after releasing the charge. This gives armored strongs counter play while still allowing Etalus players to make use of the armor with good timing.
  • Etalus airdodge out of Uspecial window pushed back by 2 frames (Prevents accidental buffered special attacks after wavelanding out of Uspecial).
  • Fully charged strong attacks now do 1.25x knockback and 1.6x damage instead of 1.5x of both. This is to reduce some of the jankiness from fully charging strong attacks.
  • Air dodging out of tumble now occurs on the key press instead of release. The only time it occurs on release is if you are nearing the ground and will hit it within 20 frames (the tech input window). In that case you will want to quickly press and release to air dodge out of tumble. This will make air dodging out of tumble feel more reliable while not preventing techs still.
  • PC Version: We have updated the sound effects to use a 3D sound system. Now depending on where the sound is made on screen, it will utilize stereo speakers differently.

Bug Fixes Edit

  • Fixed a memory leak involving the new hit effect particles.
  • Tower of Heaven Aether Stage will now shock you correctly again even if you haven’t paused.
  • The Sylvan Beast on Aether Treetop Lodge will once again finish the job and eat players until they hit the blast zone.
  • The Hit Effects in the Online waiting lobby will now display correctly.
  • The blank replay file that gets created when viewing replays should no longer happen. Let us know if you get a new blank replay on 0.15.8. You will still have to delete any old ones though.

0.15.7 (Hotfix) Edit

Hey everyone,

We've just pushed out a hotfix for patch 0.15.7 to try and alleviate some graphics problems people have been having. If you've noticed any slowdown since the latest patch (when hitting your opponent or otherwise) try turning off the new particle hit effects in the options menu.

General Edit

  • We've added the ability to disable particle hit effects in the options menu. Turn your Effects Quality setting to Lowest to remove them.

0.15.7 - Jingle Kragg Rock Edit

Happy Holidays Rivals fans! This update is focused on polish. We have added a new Result Screen and revamped all the hit effects in the game to give them more oomph. We also looked at the balance from the RCS and wanted to tweak some characters. Etalus had his ice armor reworked so hopefully we will see top Etalus players using it more in high-octane matches. Finally, we have made it so you can change the stock and time options in Friendly matches and even play infinite matches with your friends to practice!

General Edit

  • Brand New Result Screen! It uses new art that will also be featured in our Story Mode menus!
  • Revamped Hit Effects to make them all look cooler and more impactful. Every character’s hit effects have been adjusted.
  • You can now change Stock and Time Settings in Friendly Matches. Simply change the stocks then hit the send button to the right of the options. Your opponent can agree or disagree.
  • Holiday Skins have been updated from Halloween to Xmas.
  • You can now quit out of Friendly Matches that do not have the standard 3 Stock 8 Minute rules by holding Start.
  • New animation on successful parry to match the increased visual feedback.
  • If you are holding down, you will parry instead of roll. This works on diagonal down as well. This should be a more reliable way to parry out of grounded states like dash.
  • When in Ranked, the game will auto decline opponents that you declined for the next 30 seconds.
  • All stages have had their bottom blastzones lowered by 40 pixels to account for aerial whiff lag.

Zetterburn Edit

We didn’t want to change up Zetterburn too much as we feel he is in a pretty good place competitively. We have been updating some of his visuals and will likely update a few more before launch.

  • Up Special Startup reduced from 20 > 16. Total hits increased from 8 > 10.
  • Fair Sweet spot increased from 2 frames to 3 frames to match the swing visual.
  • Walk Turn Animation Update.
  • Up Tilt Animation Update.
  • Custom Fire is now darker on other player’s outlines when they are on fire. This is to prevent hard to read flames from affecting your opponent.

Orcane Edit

Is there a more perfect creature than Orcane? I doubt it.

Wrastor Edit

With Wrastor we wanted to strip some power off his Up Special sweet spot to force him to use it a little bit later into percents. We then redistributed that power into other parts of his kit including his Up Tilt.

  • Prat Land Time reverted from 30 back to 24. The nerf was to make whiffing Up Special more punishing but made recovering on Wrastor a real frustration for new players.
  • Prat Fall Horizontal Accel reduced from .3 > .25 to make ledge cancelling Up Special a little bit harder.
  • Up Special sweet spot scaling 1.25 > 1.15. Strip power off his parry punish so we can distribute it to the rest of his kit.
  • Forward Special Angle on aerial opponents back to 90 degrees instead of 50. Still flinches grounded opponents. This make Forward Special more of an option mid combo to add some variety to his combo game for Wrastor players who want to hold onto it.
  • Up Tilt has a new spike hitbox at the bottom of his foot. It's a sweet spot. Leads to followups if the opponent is on the ground and can spike opponents if they are offstage. Gives Wrastor a new parry punish at lower percents that allows for follow ups if you read DI.
  • Up Tilt now has a semi sweet at the top of the axe kick swing that has the old KO power while it has a large sour spot inside the kick. This is to prevent players from being rewarded with powerful hits when missing the sweet spot attack.
  • Minimum Down Strong Speed increased from 12 > 14. Maximum Down Strong Speed 20 > 21. Down Strong is hardly used except to edge guard players.
  • Up Special Animation Update.

Kragg Edit

For Kragg, we wanted to increase his gravity in hitstun to make him feel even heavier and give him options for how he wants to escape combos.

  • Histun Gravity increased from .5 to .55 to make him even less susceptible to vertical KOs but also give him more defensive options around DIing down and teching.
  • Fast Fall 15 > 16.
  • Aerial Down Special Active frames 2 > 3.

Forsburn Edit

Forsburn is so sneaky that he managed to hide from our balance updates this time around.

Maypul Edit

With Maypul, we had some minor tweaks to make her more fun. We are also bringing back Fat Lily!

  • Neutral Air Startup reduced from 10 to 8. This attack is important to the speed and finesse of Maypul’s combo game and just felt too slow.
  • Up tilt active increased from 3 to 4 to line up with visual of the roots.
  • Aerial Down Special Hitbox and Hurtbox adjusted to be less disjointed.
  • Fat Lily returns! Feed Lily 3 times to make her fat, making her last until she is placed again, attacks or wraps. Since you can still parry or roll to bait out Fat Lily, this should be a minor Lily buff.

Absa Edit

Absa has some tweaks to Forward Tilt which has been a menace online. It now has more options when using it with a cloud out but the startup is much more predictable for parrying.

  • Forward Tilt now has only two distinct startup times. Quick startup for when someone is right in front of her and slow startup otherwise (matches old Ftilt). This will make it easier to parry at mid distances.
  • Neutral Air final hit now knocks away from the center of the hitbox so you have to read your opponent’s knockback to follow it up.
  • Charged Neutral Special active 1 frame later. 2 frames longer to line up with visual.
  • New Forward Special Animation.
  • Absa can now pop clouds with her Forward Tilt. Hold attack during Forward Tilt to have it stop and pop your own or enemy clouds that are in your line of attack. Popping a cloud counts as landing the forward tilt for hit cancelling.

Etalus Edit

We finally took a stab at reworking Etalus’ ice armor. It has also been in a weird place where it is semi-useful in some matchups and useless in others. Now ice armor should be worth the risk at higher percents. At low percents, it is risky because some characters can combo Etalus even easier with it. However, if you can get to the ground and tech, it can help you out at low percents as well.

  • Ice Armor has been reworked. It is now more beneficial to Etalus at higher percents and worth the risk to obtain.
  • Ice Armor now increases Etalus’ gravity and only applies super armor during strong attacks and up special. This super armor during strong attacks can take more than one hit now.
  • Ice Armor Gravity increased from .55 to .65.
  • Ice Armor Hitstun Gravity increased from .5 to .6.
  • Uspecial consumes Ice armor and gives armor during the duration similar to his strong attacks.
  • Ice Armor breaks after 50 damage is taken.
  • Etalus always has normal friction when in Prat Land. Even if he is standing on ice. This makes edge cancelling after being parried more difficult but still possible.
  • Added an extra hitbox to Up Tilt to better match the visual of his swipe. Has the same properties as the main hitbox.

0.15.6 (Hotfix) Edit

Got a quick hotfix for you guys. A subtle change to make smoke more fun and a fix to Maypul using the strong button. We need a new version number to prevent desyncs since this has gameplay changes.

Changes Edit

  • Forsburn now will look for nearby ground when teleporting into a smoke cloud. He will also be able to act immediately if he lands on ground that is inside a smoke cloud.
  • Bug Fix: Maypul can now use the strong button when facing right again. Sorry about that.
  • Maypul Up Tilt recovery reduced from 16/24 to 13/20. The previous lag made up tilt too committal for the type of attack it is.
  • Orcane Forward Air both landing lag and recovery reduced from 11/17 to 10/15 to reduce the impact on using Forward Air as a recovery option.

0.15.5 - It's Not Whiff Lag, It's Hit Cancelling Edit

If you have been playing Rivals of Aether for a while, then you probably remember Whiff Lag. You might not have fond memories of it. But the goal of it was valiant – to open up more opportunities for good players to punish careless players. We took a hard look at Whiff Lag and wanted to try something that was more subtle and consistent. We came up with Hit Cancelling. Hit cancelling reduces the recovery of all Tilts, Dash Attacks, Strong Attacks, Aerials and Landing Lag by 1/3 when you land an attack. This is not as stark as the ½ reduction that something like L-cancelling would give but allows precise players more opportunities over spam happy players. We have increased some recoveries to keep the spam down but many attacks fall in between where they are now faster on hit but slower on miss.

General Edit

  • Hit Cancelling mechanic added. Specific values can be found here:
  • Minimum parry stun for extended parry 40 > 50.
  • Extended parry stun increased by 10 frames if your attack had ended before your projectile was parried. (relevant to moves like Kragg Dspecial, Etalus Fspecial, etc)
  • All characters now go off ledge for the first 5 frames of their dash attacks instead of just Orcane.
  • All players can quit out of the result screen now. Even those who were not playing.
  • Many specials have updated sound effects to stand out more from normal attacks.

Replays Edit

  • Fixed a bug where having a sort on would cause deleting replays to delete the wrong replay.

Wrastor Edit

Wrastor has been a real terror for a while. His ability to combo away from the ground has helped increase his results recently. Tech buffs did little to slow Wrastor months back and now the Aerial Ace is sitting alone atop many top player tier lists. To help bridge the gap, we wanted to bring some more punish opportunities for Wrastors who miss as well as take away from his still powerful tech chase game.

  • Wrastor Up Strong sourspot knockback scaling 1.2 > 1.15
  • Wrastor Up Special sourspot scaling (.75, .6) > (.5, .5)
  • Wrastor prat land time 24 > 30
  • Wrastor airdodge speed multiplier in current 1.5x > 1.35x
  • Wrastor Uair and Fstrong angle flippers removed (the individual hitboxes can no longer reverse hit)

Kragg Edit

Kragg has always had a strong recovery. But at the top level, his recovery has become worse and worse as time goes on. Not because of nerfs, but because of players figuring out the timing and options to punish Kragg’s pillar. To give him a mix-up, we are allowing players to do a pillar-less Up Special out of their Forward Special.

  • Kragg can now cancel the first 15 frames of Fspecial by pressing the dodge button, performing a pillarless Uspecial
  • Kragg Fair minimum base knockback 5 > 6. Late-hit Fair now has more base knockback
  • Successfully parrying while on top of a pillar will make the pillar projectile invincible for 1 second
  • Pillar damage 8 > 7 (so it can be crouch cancelled again)

Forsburn Edit

Forsburn’s specials have been in a good place for a few updates now but his ground game is effective yet boring. We wanted to spice up his cape play so we now allow him to cancel it into combo moves on hit or into his knife follow-up. We also wanted to inject a little bit of damage back into his aerials now that they are riskier.

  • Forsburn can now cancel his cape into attack instead of using strong attacks. Use strong attack again to get the knife.
  • Forsburn clone cooldown when hit by an opponent increased from 1 second to 3 seconds.
  • Forsburn clone can no longer die off the side blastzones.
  • Forsburn clone will no longer make an explosion effect when dying off the bottom blastzone.
  • Forsburn Neutral Air Damage 1, 1, 5 > 2, 2, 4.
  • Forsburn Down Air Damage (both hits) 8 > 10.
  • Forsburn Up Air Damage 6 > 7.

Maypul Edit

Maypul has been firmly sitting at number 2 among many top player’s lists. However with Maypul being extremely difficult to play at a top level, we wanted to make sure we didn’t pull away any of her fun. We just peeled some damage off her favorite options to reward players for mixing up their tools.

  • Maypul Down Tilt damage 9 > 7.
  • Maypul Back Air damage 5, 6 > 4, 5.
  • Maypul Neutral Air weak hit damage 5 > 4.
  • Bug Fix: Parrying Maypul's dair no longer causes it to hurt Maypul.

Absa Edit

We broke Absa’s Forward tilt in 0.15.4. It should be fixed now. I hope.

  • Absa ftilt range increase now increases with acceleration instead of a constant speed (turn hitboxes on to see exactly what it does)
  • Absa ftilt max hitstun modifier 1.0 > 0.9

Etalus Edit

  • We have some ideas to make changes to Etalus armor in the near future. But in the meantime, we wanted to buff it by making it consistent with crouch cancelling. Armor will only be shed by projectiles that deal more than 8 damage. We also buffed his recovery by letting him air dodge out of it.*
  • Etalus can now airdodge out of Uspecial while it's charging
  • Etalus armor blocks projectiles that deal less than 8 damage. Same projectiles that are countered by crouch cancelling. (Temp solution until we change armor. SOON™)

0.15.4 (Hotfix) Edit

Hey guys, we are coming back with another hotfix. This one introduces an awesome new skin to the game on steam that we will be announcing soon! We are also retiring the Gameboy colors that came out with the Tower of Heaven stage and replacing them with seasonal Halloween colors. Let us know if you absolutely love the Gameboy colors as we might find a small way to bring them back later. Finally we made some gameplay tweaks before RCS 3 kicks off this weekend!

Changes Edit

  • Seasonal Halloween Colors replace the Gameboy themed colors.
  • All Down Specials and Up Specials no longer require a hard press to B-reverse
  • Turnaround-B now requires a hard press within 8 frames of starting the Nspecial (helps prevent accidental reverses due to joystick recoil)
  • Extended parry stun changed to be less punishing at short/medium ranges but it remains the same at long ranges. This affects attacks like Absa Forward Special and Kragg Down Special.
  • Zetterburn Down Special now restores his double jump when the dive starts. This allows him to down special into walls to improve his recovery mixups.
  • Wrastor hitstun gravity increased from 0.4 to 0.45. His knockback modifier also was increased from 1.15 to 1.2. This makes Wrastor able to be comboed better while keeping his death percents about the same. He will die VERY slightly earlier to horizontal kill moves and VERY slightly later to vertical kill moves.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a crash involving a clone teleporting into Kragg's rock
  • Absa Up Tilt hitbox added for the tips of the horns (same KB/active frames as the sweetspot)
  • Absa Forward Tilt tap/hold mechanic removed. The move now automatically detects the distance from the nearest target and adjusts the startup/hitstun accordingly. At mimimum startup (8 frames) it has a 1.0x hitstun modifier, at maximum startup (23 frames) it has a 0.5x hitstun modifier.
  • Absa Up Special segment 1 endlag 13 > 15
  • Absa Up Special segment 2 endlag 14 > 20
  • Absa Down Strong final hit KB angle 361 > 35
  • Centered the hitboxes and hurtboxes on Absa Uspecial
  • Etalus Neutral Air minimum base knockback 1 > 2 This makes it so he won't be punished for landing late Nair.
  • Training mode Updates:
    • Fixed DI In and DI Out options
    • Fine tuned Perfect DI option
    • Added Drift DI option
    • Added Show DI Lines option

0.15.3 (Hotfix) Edit

We got a new hotfix just in time for the second RCS this weekend. We are fixing a replay desync that caused many of the replay matches to break somewhere during the match. We are also allowing players to turn off custom colors mid replay or mid online match using the keyboard.

Changes Edit

  • Bug Fix: Fixed Wrastor Ftilt jump cancel.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed replay desync dealing with pivots. Thanks to /u/wardedgaming for helping us find the bug quickly.
  • Zetter ustrong hitpause scaling 0 > .5.
  • Wrastor uspecial base hitpause 8 > 10, hitpause scaling .5 > .75.
  • The game now saves your own color and your opponent’s color in replays. This makes sharing replay files cooler.
  • Press ctrl+1 or ctrl+2 (depending on your opponents port) to disable their custom color mid-game. Also works in replays.

0.15.2 - Is that a Twitch?! Edit

Just in time for Twitch Con 2016, we are updating the Steam version of Rivals of Aether with a slew of balance changes. The biggest updates are improvements to Replays and Custom Colors as well as our brand new Button Checking system that allows players to perform hand-warmers without having to leave character select. We also have updated the save and load system so there might be some issues with your save files including tutorial progress and profiles. Let us know in this thread if you run into any issues!

Button Checking Edit

  • You can now perform button checks on the character select screen in local matches. This opens a small window in your player box where you can test out your custom controllers or perform hand-warmers. This uses the Y button right now so you will have to use your bumpers to change colors. You can also add CPUs to the test window while holding their player puck.
  • You can also play against a dummy opponent while waiting for online matches using a similar system but with a bigger view than in local versus.

General Edit

  • Projectiles that deal more than 8% can't be Crouch-Canceled.
  • Airdodge on R release requires the initial R press to be during tumble (buffer included). This is to prevent accidental late air dodges during the tumble state.
  • In Rivals, you can jump out of the normal land state for faster transitions back to the air. Landing lag from landing while attacking is never jump cancellable on whiff now. Landing lag that is less than or equal to your character's jump frames are jump cancellable on hit still. This is to make strategies like Nair spamming stronger when you are hitting than when you are whiffing.
  • File Saving and Loading has been changed and the save files have been moved to a new folder in Application Data called “saves”. This means the game won’t find your save files when going back to previous build branches, such as to view replays.
  • Because of the File Saving changes, you might experience some hiccups in converting over. If you lose your files, you can check the root folder and the saves folder to see if your data is in there. Although you may have to remake any lost profiles or custom colors. Sorry! This new system will be better moving forward.
  • You can now buffer Up Specials out of hitstun by holding up + special.
  • Added a clock to the menus so you can know how late it is even though you are still playing Rivals.

Replays Edit

  • You can now rename replays and add descriptions to make finding your favorite replays easier.
  • Online replays now display the Steam names of the players and the set counts.
  • Deleting replays must still be done manually but we will be bringing a fix soon for deleting your oldest unstarred replay when you are over 128.
  • Lots of small fixes for replays where the players are using custom controls

Custom Colors Edit

  • Custom Colors can be used in Exhibition Matches now along with Friendly Matches.
  • Custom Colors are now sent across Online Matches. You can turn off your opponents’ Custom Colors by going into Online Stats and choosing Mine (only use your own custom colors) or None (no custom colors online)
  • Custom Colors now have Color Codes that can be exported and imported easily using the Color Code button at the top of the screen.
  • Custom Color saving and loading has been updated to make sharing easier. They are now their own file in the App Data /saves folder.

Zetterburn Edit

  • Jab 1 startup increased from 4 to 5 frames.
  • Forward Special Projectile Damage reduced from 4 > 2 on hit. Head hit damage reduced from 4 > 3.
  • Parried fireballs now return at twice the speed.
  • Down Special ground friction reduced to make ledge cancelling a bit more lenient.

Orcane Edit

  • Jab 1 and Jab 3 hitbox and visuals increased to be closer in size to earlier builds.
  • The first 5 frames of Dash Attack roll off the ledge, buffering immediately into an aerial
  • Fair knockback scaling is now based on Orcane's horizontal speed. If the speed is below 5, scaling is 0.5. If the speed is above 10, scaling is 1. Between 5 and 10, the scaling increases linearly from 0.5 to 1. (For reference, the mimimum speed is around 3 and the max speed is around 13)
  • Nair base knockback now gradually decreases during its active frames. (7 > 4)
  • Uair belly hitbox base knockback now gradually decreases during its active frames. (5 > 3)
  • Back Air recovery increased from 6 to 10 frames. This attack is a bit too disjointed and fast for such a low recovery.

Wrastor Edit

  • Jab 1 startup increased from 3 to 4 frames.
  • Down Special restores Wrastor’s double jumps. This is to give Wrastor more reward for landing an aerial down special mid combo.
  • Down Special is now ledge cancellable.
  • Forward Tilt active window reduced from 18 to 12 frames.
  • New Sound Effect when landing Up Special sweet spot.
  • Nair base knockback now gradually decreases during its active frames. (5 > 2)

Kragg Edit

  • Forward Special max speed increased from 8 to 9.
  • Forward Special now has an initial movement speed (75% of the aerial initial speed).
  • Rockless Nspecial hitbox size increased and frame data improved. (9 startup, 1 active > 6 startup, 2 active)
  • Rockless Nspecial knockback angle changed from 90 > 60.
  • Fair base knockback now gradually decreases during its active frames. (8 > 5)
  • Fair landing lag increased from 6 to 8 frames.
  • Hit lockout time on Kragg strong attacks increased to 10 frames to prevent rock shards from stopping strong attack KOs.

Forsburn Edit

  • Jab 1 startup increased from 4 to 5 frames.
  • Up Special now consumes Forsburn’s smoke charges. The empowered Up Special does not put Forsburn in special fall and allows him to quickly up special again for an improved recovery. This also prevents Forsburn players from sitting on their smoke charges until they can land a combust.
  • Bug Fix: Up Strong 2 can now be triggered by just pressing the strong button.
  • Bug Fix: Clone is now invincible on the first frame he spawns, preventing the strange interaction of the clone taking knockback instead of being destroyed.
  • Max air speed reverted back from 5 to 4.
  • Dash attack can no longer hit backward.
  • Combust hitbox and hurtbox centered.
  • Uair frame data reverted (10 > 15 hitbox active frames, 11 > 16 active window frames, 8 > 6 recovery frames)
  • Uair base knockback now gradually decreases during its active frames. (8 > 4)

Maypul Edit

  • Maypul’s Down Air Root is back for now! The main reason to go back to the root is that we find her a bit less fun to play without the variety root gives. We have increased the aerial recovery from 12 > 18 to make it not as powerful when maypul is very high. Right now we are focused on making Maypul as fun to play as possible so more people get interested in picking her up.
  • Down Air Root projectile can now be destroyed by melee attacks. It is difficult to time but some hitboxes can protect players from the root before it strikes.
  • Jab 1 startup increased from 3 to 4 frames.
  • Maypul is no longer considered grounded while tethering through ground (prevents her from being frozen and pillar gimped mid-tether)

Absa Edit

  • Nspecial Lightning Bolt base knockback now gradually decreases during its active frames. (9 > 6)
  • Hitting Eid (the guy in the window on Tower of Heaven) with Absa Uspecial no longer makes her go through platform.
  • Dspecial only halts momentum if it's charging.
  • Doing an action during the window in between the segments of Absa's uspecial will buffer that action, preventing Absa from doing the 2nd segment even if another direction is held. (Only happens if the segment touched the ground).

Etalus Edit

  • Jab 1 startup increased from 5 to 6 frames.
  • Hitbox added to Etalus Dspecial when rising. All other Dspecial hitboxes moved 6px backward to be more centered.
  • For Etalus strong attacks, armor is now lost on the exact frame when the ice shards are created.
  • Fair Landing Lag decreased from 12 to 10.
  • Etalus dash attack base hitpause 7 > 5 to make jump cancelling it more consistent.
  • Nair base knockback now gradually decreases during its active frames. (4 > 1)

0.15.1 (Hotfix) Edit

We got a new hotfix. Unfortunately it is going to break all your replays. If you want to access them after this update, right click Rivals of Aether on Steam, then select properties then navigate to Beta and select the 0_15_0 Branch. That way you can still play your old replays. This will happen with every update and hotfix that changes gameplay. But we will keep old updates up as beta branches for a bit. Otherwise, enjoy the bug fixes and slight tweaks to Strong Attacks!

Gameplay Changes Edit

  • Zetterburn Fstrong Knockback Scaling .8 > .9
  • Zetterburn Fire Fstrong Knockback Scaling 1.1 > 1.2
  • Orcane Fstrong Knockback Scaling 1 > 1.05
  • Kragg Ustrong Knockback Scaling 1.1 > 1.15
  • Forsburn Ustrong Knockback Scaling 1.25 > 1.15
  • Forsburn Dstrong Knockback Scaling 1.1 > 1.05
  • Absa Dstrong Knockback Scaling .6 > .7
  • Bug fix on two moves connecting at once and the lower priority move being ignored (Kragg Down Special for example)
  • Wrastor Up Special and Maypul Up Special can break stationary rocks.

Menu Changes

  • The Customs Colors option in Versus Option is now active. If your colors do not work in Local then head there and turn them on.
  • There is also a Custom Colors option for Online matches in the Online Stats menu.
  • Fixed a bug on Keyboard Control menu causing Save and Revert to crash.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the title screen to crash sometimes when entering attract mode.

Replays Edit

  • Replays have been updated. You will need to go to 0.15.0 branch under betas to view old replays.
  • You can now delete replays from the replay menu.
  • We added a Replay Auto-Save system so you don't need to press Y after each match. This is useful for local tournaments. You can choose to Auto Save either All, Online, Local or None.
  • We fixed a bug causing custom controls such as Tap Jump or Right Stick Settings to break replays.
  • Team Attack now works correctly in replays and the Replay UI shows team colors now.

0.15.0 - GOTTA GO FAST! Edit

Patch 0.15 is here and it is bringing back some of the speed that made people fall in love with Rivals last fall. We are bringing back auto-cancelling, removing some of our reliance on whiff lag and increasing jab and dash speeds. We also reworked Forsburn’s special attacks in an effort to make our smoky friend more enjoyable. Finally we added two huge features that players have been waiting for. Both are still not finalized but they are here to try. The first is Custom Colors which allows players to make their own color palettes in-game. The second is Replays which allows players to store replay data and play them back in-game whenever they want. The replay feature is still in Beta and has some bugs so stick with us while we fix it up. I hope you enjoy all the changes!

Check out the Beefy Aether Doods preview here:

Custom Colors Edit

  • Custom Colors can be accessed in the Extras Menu.
  • Players currently get one slot per character. The second slot will likely be unlocked by playing the Abyss Mode in the full release of the game.
  • You can use custom colors in local matches as well as online Friendly matches. However, your opponent will always see their custom color setting and you will see yours.

Replays (Beta) Edit

  • Replays can also be accessed in the Extras Menu but only AFTER you have saved a replay.
  • You can save a replay by pressing the Y button at the result screen once a match is completed.
  • The menu will load your most recent 128 replays.
  • You can find your replay files in the "C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\RivalsofAether\replays\" directory. This is useful if you want to delete a replay or edit a replay file to create a TAS match.
  • For now, you can only save replays with stocks. Timed matches are not viewable.
  • Planned future features:
    • ability to pause a replay
    • show hitboxes
    • frame advance
    • change playback speed
    • resume play from replay
    • deleting oldest unstarred replays when limit reached
    • recording replays even if the match ends in a disconnect

General Edit

  • Parrying a projectile now allows you to cancel the parry animation with any action
  • Successfully parrying removes your ability to parry/roll for 30 frames (prevents accidental inputs after cancelling the parry)
  • Flinch state now lasts the same duration as the hitstun of the move you were hit by (this doesn't affect much, but allows for weak moves that force flinch to have less than 13 flinch frames. This also doesn't apply to crouch cancelling unless hitstun is less than the normal crouch cancel flinch state)
  • Jab base knockback adjusted (3 > 4) for all characters except Orcane and Absa so that the flinch state is unchanged for jabs
  • Every aerial autocancels all the time except for the following:
    • Zetterburn Fair: 6 frames of landing lag
    • Orcane Uair: 8 frames of landing lag
    • Forsburn Bair: 8 frames of landing lag
    • Forsburn Dair: 8 frames of landing lag
    • Maypul Fair: 8 frames of landing lag
    • Absa Uair: 9 frames of landing lag
    • Etalus Fair (punch): 12 frames of landing lag
  • Every aerial autocancels on the last 5 frames of the attack
  • Whiff lag removed on everything but dash attacks
    • Zetterburn ftilt: 3 recovery, 8 whiff > 3 recovery
    • Zetterburn dattack: 9 recovery, 18 whiff > unchanged
    • Zetterburn fsmash: 21 recovery, 24 whiff > 24 recovery
    • Zetterburn dsmash: 22 recovery, 28 whiff > 26 recovery
    • Zetterburn usmash: 20 recovery, 30 whiff > 28 recovery
    • Orcane dtilt: 6 recovery, 12 whiff > 9 recovery
    • Orcane dsmash: 12 recovery, 22 whiff > 20 recovery
    • Orcane fsmash_pud: 20 recovery, 30 whiff > 26 recovery
    • Orcane usmash_pud: 26 recovery, 36 whiff > 30 recovery
    • Orcane dsmash_pud: 16 recovery, 26 whiff > 26 recovery
    • Orcane dattack: 6 recovery, 12 whiff > unchanged
    • Wrastor ftilt: 10 recovery, 18 whiff > 13 recovery
    • Kragg dattack: 16 recovery, 20 whiff > unchanged
    • Kragg ftilt: 8 recovery, 12 whiff > 10 recovery
    • Kragg dsmash: 12 recovery, 18 whiff > 18 recovery
    • Forsburn dattack: 16 recovery, 24 whiff > unchanged
    • Forsburn dsmash: 20 recovery, 30 whiff > 24 recovery
    • Maypul ftilt: 12 recovery, 16 whiff > 14 recovery
    • Maypul utilt: 12 recovery, 16 whiff > 16 recovery
    • Maypul dattack: 8 recovery, 20 whiff > unchanged
    • Maypul fspecial: 8 recovery, 12 whiff > 8 recovery
    • Absa ftilt: 7 recovery, 14 whiff > 14 recovery
    • Absa dattack: 15 recovery, 22 whiff > unchanged
  • Parrying a projectile will only give invincibility the first time it's parried
  • Moves that force flinch state will no longer do so if the opponent is in hitstun
  • Tech roll frame data normalized across all characters: Invincible for 16 frames, vulnerable for 14 frames
  • Tech roll speeds adjusted for most characters
    • Zetterburn: 8 > 10
    • Orcane: 9
    • Wrastor: 8
    • Kragg: 8 > 10
    • Forsburn: 8 > 9
    • Maypul: 9 > 8
    • Absa: 8
    • Etalus: 9 > 11
  • The recovery frames of a tech in place are now jump-cancellable, as well as the last 5 frames (6 frames for Etalus) of the recovery of tech rolls. This means after teching, you can choose to have your first actionable frame be on the ground or in the air
  • Missed tech ground friction multiplier x3 > x1.8 (makes you slide more when missing a tech, allowing for strategic missed techs to slide off platforms)
  • Bug Fix: You can now tech on the first frame of tumble
  • Bug Fix: Trading with a clone's attack will no longer cause your next attack to reverse
  • Bug Fix: Parrying projectiles will now properly reset the projectile's lifetime when the projectile's owner does another attack after throwing the projectile
  • Bug Fix: You can now wall tech moves with the "untechable" property (i.e. Absa's Dstrong)
  • Bug Fix: Keyboard controls no longer detect directional hard presses 1 frame after the button was pressed
  • Bug Fix: Deadzones added to menu cursors
  • Two new CPU behaviors added to training mode: Parry and Evade
  • Tutorials now display whether or not you've completed them
  • Dev mode functionality for parries added:
    • Set custom parry stun frames
    • Set custom parry mode:
      • 0: old parry mode (non-cancellable)
      • 1: beta parry mode (cancellable on every hit except jabs)
      • 2: new parry mode (cancellable on projectiles only)

Zetterburn Edit

Zetterburn has a couple of visual upgrades in 0.15 from Ellian that I hope you’ll enjoy! His fire attacks have been improved to get his animation quality up to par with the rest of the cast. We also looked at tweaking his balance and making Down Special a bit more fun by giving it the ability to ledge cancel.

  • Run speed 6.25 > 6.5
  • Jab startup 5 > 4
  • Dstrong first hitbox range reduced
  • When hitting Kragg's rock with Uspecial, it will send shards in the direction Zetterburn is moving
  • Uspecial multithit hitstun modifier x1 > x1.5 (Extends hitstun by 2 frames so an enemy Zetterburn can't trade with the final hitbox using Nspecial)
  • Fspecial physical hitbox extended to match new animation
  • Fspecial physical hit base knockback 5 > 8
  • Fireball spawn point moved slightly back
  • Fireball hitbox extended slightly backward (for the first frame only) to prevent sliding Fspecial from passing through opponents
  • Fireball knockback scaling 0 > .1
  • Dspecial landing hitbox reduced in size. No longer reaches below platforms.

Orcane Edit

For Orcane we wanted to make his hitboxes actually match his visuals on his strong attacks. They were a bit out of place in many cases. We also fixed some bugs and tweaked his bubble tools slightly to give him more control!

  • Dash/Run speed 6.75 > 7
  • Initial dash frames 13 > 12. This makes Orcane able to RAR earlier
  • Dspecial bubble horizontal drift 1 > 1.35
  • Fair bubble vertical drift .65 > 1
  • Jab 1 and 3 hitboxes resized and moved to match animation better
  • Puddle Dstrong hitbox width 60 > 50 (matches width of non-puddle Dstrong)
  • Puddle Ustrong hitbox width 50 > 40 (matches width of non-puddle Ustrong)
  • Both Ustrongs hitbox moved 2 pixels backward to match the animation
  • Non-puddle Ustrong hitbox now rectangular instead of circular to match all other strong attacks
  • Puddle Fstrong hitbox height 40 > 30 (matches height of non-puddle Fstrong)
  • Both Fstrongs hitbox moved up 1 pixel to match animation
  • Dstrong knockback scaling 1.3 > 1.2
  • Being interrupted during Dspecial no longer causes the puddle to stop spewing bubbles
  • Using Uspecial removes your double jump. This means you can no longer double jump after Orcahop (instant Uspecial after double jump)

Wrastor Edit

Wrastor has been doing quite well at the top and upper levels for a few patches now. We wanted to keep his fun aspects but give him a bit more risk when missing ground attacks. We also wanted to reduce his double jump to make players have to think about how they are going to extend their combos instead of using the same options after each jump.

  • Run speed outside of current 4.75 > 5.5
  • Double jump speed decays with each jump (8 > 7 > 6 instead of 8 for all jumps)
  • Jab startup 5 > 3
  • Dtilt recovery frames 14 > 16
  • Ftilt recovery frames 13 > 18
  • Ftilt hurtbox extended to be less disjointed
  • Ftilt can only be jump-cancelled if the final hit connects
  • Uair startup 7 > 8
  • Fair startup 7 > 8
  • Fair recovery 8 > 10 (short hop double fair is still possible but is more strict in timing)
  • The tip of Fair now sends more outward and has less knockback scaling
  • Dair knockback angle 140 > 130
  • Dair semi-spike knockback scaling .6 > .75
  • Dair semi-spike hitstun modifier .8 > 1.0
  • Dair semi-spike hitbox moved up 15 pixels to match animation better
  • Dstrong can no longer be jump cancelled after being parried
  • Fspecial cooldown 360 > 480
  • Fspecial now causes flinch on grounded enemies
  • Fspecial recovery 7 > 10
  • Fspecial spawn point moved backward so it won't go through opponents when standing next to them
  • Nspecial SDI multiplier x2 > x1

Kragg Edit

For Kragg, we wanted to focus on one thing – FUN. We want to make him fun to play while keeping his counter strategies obvious. Our main change was to his Rock. Now the Rock can be thrown and caught using Neutral Special. However, Rocks also break much more easily so opponents can challenge rocks with all types of attacks instead of having to time a parry which can be difficult online. But the flip side is that if Kragg lands a Rock toss, now he is in a great position to build on it by catching and throwing again.

  • New Down Strong – Rockquake. This attack is stronger in the center than it is on the sides. Replaces his two armed slam
  • Dash speed 6 > 5.75
  • Dash frames 8 > 12
  • Run speed 4.5 > 5.75
  • Jab startup 5 > 4
  • Fstrong hitbox moved to match animation better
  • Spike hitbox added to taunt
  • Bubbles no longer stop Kragg's momentum while using Fspecial
  • Rock health 8 > 1
  • Rock pull startup 21 > 25 (only applies when pulling a new rock, not when picking up an existing one)
  • Rock is immune to projectiles that do less than 8 damage (exceptions: Kragg Uspecial and Dspecial)
  • Nspecial can now be used in the air to pick up rocks
  • Fspecial takes no knockback from projectiles
  • Dspecial spikes can no longer go back up after one of them has gone down
  • Uspecial will carry airdodging enemies upward so they waveland on the pillar when it's finished rising
  • Invincible enemies will no longer go into prat fall when standing on a pillar that breaks. This includes rolling, parrying, and teching. Instead, the enemy will lose their invincibility
  • Bug Fix: Breaking rocks with moves that send outward will no longer reverse the rocks when facing left

Forsburn Edit

Just like Kragg, we wanted to make Forsburn more fun. He has lost some of his luster over the patches and we wanted to use his consume mechanic to spruce up his special attacks. Now he has 3 powered up specials instead of only his Down Special. Along with Combust, Forsburn can also use a powered-up Neutral Special to shoot out smoke quickly and recover, or he can use a powered-up Forward Special to make a clone that can attack and combo with him just like at Early Access launch!

  • Run speed 5.75 > 6
  • Max air speed 4 > 5
  • Ground friction .5 > .4
  • Hurtbox removed from dagger on Utilt, Dash attack, Ustrong, Fstrong, Bair, Dair, and Nair
  • Jab startup 6 > 4
  • Dtilt hitbox extended to match animation better
  • Fair knockback angle 75 > 70
  • Uair hitbox duration 15 > 10
  • Uair full move duration shortened by 3 frames (active window frames 16 > 11, recovery window frames 6 > 8)
  • Dair knockback angle 361 > 40
  • Dair first hitbox moved and resized to match animation better
  • Dair endlag 18 > 20
  • Sourspot hitbox added to nair (to match animation)
  • Nair final hitbox made smaller to match animation better
  • Fstrong startup 8 > 10
  • Fstrong knockback scaling 1.0 > 0.8
  • Fstrong/Ustrong hitstun no longer scales with charge. They now have full hitstun regardless of charge
  • Can no longer destroy his own smoke by attacking it
  • Simple effects no longer cause all smoke to be the default color
  • Smoke charge can no longer be knocked out of Forsburn
  • Inhale endlag 16 > 22
  • Smoke charge can now be used to empower Nspecial and Fspecial
  • Fully charged Nspecial will release a large formation of clouds all at once and restore Forsburn’s double jump. This can be used to recover when Forsburn is in a pinch.
  • While a clone is active, you can no longer use Nspecial or Dspecial
  • Clone explosion attack is now triggered with Dspecial
  • Clone switches between attack mode and evade mode when you press Nspecial or Fspecial
  • Clone no longer disappears after it uses Uspecial
  • Spawning clone while Dspecial is fully charged will spawn a super clone, which is permanently in attack mode
  • Super clone will attack every 2 seconds
  • Super clone will attack when you press Nspecial or Fspecial, resetting the attack timer
  • Clone now taunts when his owner does

Maypul Edit

For Maypul, we wanted to bring back some fun gameplay from previous updates including wrapping opponents and using Lily. We increased the base wrap times to give her more options for tilt followups at lower percents. We also allow Lily to wrap when marked opponents are in hitstun again to give Maypul an area to combo towards. Finally, we have given Maypul a new Drill attack for her Down Air. Give it a try and let us know what you think compared to her Root Down Air, which at times felt like a zoning tool sitting on a rushdown character.

  • Utilt hitboxes slightly reduced in size to match animation better and allow for better whiff punish opportunities
  • Nair startup 8 > 10
  • Nair outer hitbox active frames 7 > 5 (active window shortened by 2 frames as well so the endlag is still the same)
  • Ustrong startup 12 > 14
  • Base wrap frames 24 > 34, wrap scaling .14 > .1 (Overall increases wrap time without making wrap into Ustrong guaranteed until around 100%)
  • Nspecial will now mark Etalus when he's armored
  • Nspecial hitbox extended backward (for the first frame only) to prevent it from passing through opponents
  • Holding left or right at the beginning of Uspecial's recovery frames will give Maypul a small horizontal boost, helping her recovery a little bit after last patch's walljump change
  • Uspecial input reverted to the tap/hold version. If special is held, Maypul will use the tether Uspecial. If special is tapped, Maypul will use the normal Uspecial
  • Uspecial will perform the tether version if the attack button is pressed any time during the startup. This is for those who want a more consistent way to buffer tether in the middle of combos
  • Root Dair removed. While the root was a cool attack, it didn't fit with Maypul's "grounded rushdown" archetype and reduced her weakness of being above opponents
  • Dair replaced with a multihit drill move that knocks opponents upward and away at the end. The multihit is a very weak spike with no knockback scaling that can be escaped with downward SDI, but only if Maypul doesn't fast fall
  • For those who love Maypul’s Root, give Drill a chance! We are still in Early Access so we will be assessing how both attacks fit into her kit while maintaining her unique style.
  • Aerial Dspecial goes through platforms if down is held
  • Aerial Dspecial no longer goes into special fall
  • Aerial Dspecial recovery 6 > 10
  • Lily now wraps opponents who are both marked and in hitstun. Otherwise she will do her standard attack.
  • Bug Fix: Parrying the 2nd frame of Uspecial will no longer cause Maypul to rise extremely high in the air

Absa Edit

For Absa, we wanted to make some minor tweaks to adjust some of the annoying aspects of playing against her. We also wanted to improve some of her other tools such as adding the functionality to cancel her Strong Attack recovery into Special Attacks but only if she hit her opponent.

  • Run speed 6 > 6.25
  • Jab startup 4 > 3
  • Full-range Ftilt startup 18 > 23
  • Ftilt hitbox moved back slightly to avoid passing through players and to more accurately reflect the range of the animation
  • Fair sourspot size decreased slightly
  • Fair, Bair, and Dair sourspot knockback scaling .6 > .4
  • Fair, Bair, and Dair sourspot hitstun modifier x1 > x0.85
  • Fair and Dair endlag 12 > 15
  • Fstrong final hit active frames 2 > 3 (matches animation)
  • Ustrong multihit angle changed to link better into the final hit. Now sends directly toward the center of the hitbox.
  • Fstrong recovery 18 > 22
  • Dstrong recovery 18 > 21
  • Ustrong recovery 16 > 20
  • After 7 recovery frames, all strong attacks can be cancelled by a special press on hit
  • Uspecial now forces enemies into the flinch state (can still pop enemies up if you hit with both hits)
  • Using Uspecial no longer removes charged Dspecial
  • No longer retains double jump acceleration when using Dspecial
  • Endlag for Uspecial increased by 2 frames (only happens if you go into special fall or end on the ground)
  • Bug Fix: Ftilt tap/hold now behaves properly when right stick is set to attack
  • Bug Fix: Fspecial will now go in the correct direction when no joystick direction is held
  • Bug Fix: Uspecial will no longer go through platforms right after hitting an opponent

Etalus Edit

Etalus is a very fun character right now. We wanted to address how fun he is to play against when the Etalus player is working to impose his will. We opened up some windows to punish him and changed his armor to not be as overwhelming in matchups that Etalus was already good at.

  • Landing lag: 7 > 6
  • Dash/Run speed on ice 5 > 5.5
  • Roll and Air Dodge startup frames 2 > 3 (startup now matches all other characters)
  • Jab third hit size reduced to match animation better. Sourspot added on the top
  • Dtilt second hitbox moved slightly inward to match animation better
  • Fair recovery frames 15 > 18 (only applies to the punch)
  • Bair now sends opponents forward if they are in front of Etalus
  • Ustrong startup (pre-charge) 8 > 10
  • Ustrong recovery 15 > 23
  • Ustrong weak hit hitstun modifier 1.2 > 0.8 (doesn't force enemy to tech if they avoid the strong hit)
  • Uspecial now goes the maximum distance regardless of charge when Etalus has ice armor. Using Uspecial now gets rid of ice armor
  • Dspecial pre-fall frames 20 > 24
  • Dspecial fall speed 15 > 22
  • Ice armor can be broken by projectiles with more than 0 knockback scaling (all except Wrastor Fspecial and Maypul Nspecial)
  • Opponents can parry to prevent themselves from being frozen when standing on ice

Menu / UI Edit

  • The Main Menu now has animated backgrounds that vary between the submenus.
  • The HUD now displays marked and frozen players
  • The HUD now displays when players are in hitstun.
  • The Pause Menu has been updated to create more visible space.

0.14.3 (Hotfix) Edit

Hey Guys. We got the last bugfix for 0.14. With 0.15 just around the corner on PC, we are releasing this to get PC on the same build as Xbox One. You might be asking, “What happened to 0.14.2?” Well that build was lost in translation as we had to push another bug fix beyond 0.14.2 to Xbox One. So now 0.14.3 is the next PC build. It’s the future!

General Edit

  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where CPU players were rumbling other controllers when they died.

Wrastor Edit

  • Bug Fix: Fixed a rare crash involving Wrastor’s Down Special.

Kragg Edit

  • Summit Kragg Taunt Updated.

Online Edit

  • Exhibition no longer requires players to accept or decline matches. Exhibition Character Select lobbies can still be left at any moment without penalty.
  • Ranked Sets now reward and subtract a minimum of 1 point instead of rounding down to 0.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug that sometimes caused users to get negative disconnect points after accepting a match without their opponent accepting it.

0.14.1 (Hotfix) Edit

Hey Guys. Back with a hotfix that tweaks the balance and fixes multiple crashes. We also have adjusted how Ranked Matches are abandoned by giving players an option to forfeit ranked matches instead of backing out and disconnecting. We have also adjusted our Disconnect logic to look at set count in order to determine the result of the disconnect in terms of ELO ranking. Please report any new bugs to this thread!

General Edit

  • Air dodges are no longer lost when interrupted before the invincibility frames
  • Controller now vibrates when a your character dies
  • Bug Fix: Leaderboard no longer crashes after page 2 of your friends list
  • Bug Fix: Rumble now works properly online

Zetterburn Edit

  • Forward Strong whiff lag 30 > 24.
  • Down Strong whiff lag 22 > 28.
  • Down Strong is seeing a lot more use than Forward Strong and we wanted to adjust their recoveries accordingly.

Orcane Edit

  • Uspecial sweetspot knockback scaling 1.4 > 1.2.
  • Using Up Special as a parry punish is just too strong compared to other parry punishes especially against floaties.

Wrastor Edit

  • Hurtboxes expanded on Fair and Uair
  • Uair center hurtbox base knockback 8 > 6
  • Uair center hurtbox knockback scaling .4 > .3
  • Uair center hurtbox damage 6 > 5
  • Dair knockback angle 75 > 40. Now always knocks inward instead of always backward
  • Bug Fix: Sound effects fixed for Dair
  • Bug Fix: Controller vibration now stops when killing with the multihit part of tornado
  • Bug Fix: Flag is no longer invisible when the game is paused
  • Dair's angle was too similar to Back Air and we wanted to give Wrastor some variety in how his combos start. The center hitbox of Up Air was changed to reduce its effectiveness for KOing off the top.

Kragg Edit

  • Ftilt whiff lag 16 > 12
  • Walking animation while holding a rock slowed down
  • Bug Fix: Can no longer airdodge with a rock in hand
  • Bug Fix: Rocks will no longer stall infinitely on a platform if a pillar is under them

Absa Edit

  • Uspecial is now crouch cancellable at all percents
  • Uspecial part 2 landing lag 20 > 12
  • Bug Fix: Sound effects fixed for Dspecial
  • Bug Fix: Ftilt hitbox now displays correctly in training mode

Etalus Edit

  • Bug Fix: Nspecial now destroys ice the same range in both directions instead of having longer range to the right
  • Bug Fix: Ftilt and Fspecial will no longer destroy each other's ice if created on the same frame

Online Edit

  • Player names are now shown before accepting a match in Exhibition mode.
  • Players will be rewarded a win, loss or disconnect after a disconnect happens depending on the set count and how the disconnect was triggered.
  • Character select countdown timer starts only after ping and region have loaded. Timer reduced to 10 seconds
  • Ping is now displayed in-game
  • Character selection is now retained after declining a match
  • During ranked matches, the back button now says "Forfeit" and will lower your ranked score when used
  • An icon is now displayed when you're matched with the same person twice in a row
  • If you and your opponent are both using the same color online, they will be switched to the default color. They will still use the premium taunt if they picked a premium color

0.14.0 - What Rank You Edit

Hey Guys. It’s been almost two months since our last update but we have a ton of features to bring you now! The first is our Tutorial Mode, led by the very knowledgeable Orby. We've also introduced Ranked Mode to our online features. You can battle to raise your Ranked Score and climb your way to the top of the Steam Leaderboards. Next, we've added Stat Tracking so you can view your Local, Online and Ranked stats for each character and player tag. Finally, we have a ton of small character balance changes and some engine updates that are meant to improve gameplay among all skill levels. Stay with us as we enter the final stretch toward full release!

Check out the Patch Preview from the Beefy Aether Doods

General Edit

  • Tutorial mode added – Learn about the mechanics of Rivals of Aether from your good friend Orby!
  • Local Menu rearranged to better organize the different modes.
  • Rumble feature added for Xinput controllers. Rumble can be turned on/off on a per-profile bases in the custom controls menu.
  • Drift DI is now dependent on your horizontal speed in hitstun. When moving under 5 pixels per frame, you get the full effect of drift DI. When moving over 10 pixels per frame, you get 1/2 of the full effect. In between those two speeds is a linear gradient. This change increases the effectiveness of horizontal kill moves.
  • Added whiff landing lag to certain aerials, which means the move will not autocancel if it misses. This mechanic serves to make certain aerials very slightly more punishable on whiff (e.g. Forsburn Dair).
  • Increased the time of flinches caused by Jabs from 13 > 16 frames to ensure that more grounded Jabs into Tilts cannot be countered with a parry.
  • Crouch Canceling max knockback increased from 6 > 8.
  • Crouch Canceling Flinch Time reduced from 13 > 9.
  • Crouch Canceling is a stronger defensive option now for players to experiment with, particularly against projectiles which can be hard to parry during online matches.
  • Attack, Special, and Strong Buffers are cleared when leaving hitstun into tumble state, requiring players to time their Combo Breaker tool instead of mashing them. (example: Zetterburn Neutral Special)
  • Shockwaves now appear when you are hit with a move that would kill you with no DI or drift DI. Previously, any move over a certain knockback value would create a shockwave.
  • The HUD now has visual feedback for player damage and deaths.
  • Bug Fix: Diagonal directional inputs are now processed the same in local and online modes. Up and down are now prioritized over left and right in online mode.
  • Bug Fix: Parrying an opponent's Uspecial will no longer cause them to have weird momentum shifts. This mostly affects Wrastor and Maypul.

Zetterburn Edit

Zetterburn is still doing well but can struggle because of his limited movement options particularly in the air. We wanted to give players the ability to use Down Special in more interesting ways as well as make Neutral Special feel a bit smoother by lowering its hitpause making the jump cancel more reliable.

  • Aerial Dspecial now gives a forward and upward boost.
  • Nair landing lag 10 > 7.
  • Whiff landing lag added to Dair.
  • Uncharged Nspecial hitpause 7 > 3, making combos more fluid by allowing players to jump cancel it more consistently.
  • Charged Nspecial can be jump-cancelled again.
  • Charged Nspecial now has the same knockback as uncharged Nspecial. This is because charged Neutral Special didn’t feel like an earned KO nor was it particularly fun to play against. Instead we are making it safe again but lowering its effectiveness at high percents.
  • Charged Nspecial damage 8 > 10 (weaker hit 6 > 8).
  • Nspecial charge time 40 > 35.
  • Whifflag on Ustrong 0 > 30 (normally 20 endlag).
  • Dair knockback scaling .5 > .65. This makes the spike more powerful than some of the others in the game giving Zetterburn a bit of off stage power to make up for the risk of being off stage.
  • Dair hitbox height 50 > 75 (reaches the same distance downward, but farther upward).
  • Uair sourspot hitbox resized and moved to match the animation better.
  • Uair sweetspot moved to be in the center of the animation.
  • Dspecial knockback scaling .65 > .55.
  • Dspecial landing hitbox centered and resized 130x70 > 120x60.
  • Bug Fix: Can no longer airdodge out of Uspecial after it was parried.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed hurtboxes for Uair, Ftilt, and Ustrong.

Orcane Edit

Orcane is best whale dog 2015 and 2016 now. Congrats to Orcane.

  • Whiff landing lag added to Bair and Uair.
  • Uspecial sweetspot base knockback 12 > 11, scaling 1.45 > 1.4. This is to slightly reduce its effectiveness as a parry punish.
  • Uspecial sourspot scaling 1.05 > 1.1. This is to make the regular hit a bit more potent.
  • Bubble butt hitbox width 30 > 20.
  • Bubble butt hitbox moved closer to Orcane's body. These two are to reduce the disjoint of bubble butt as it is risky to throw yourself at opponents.
  • Bubble SDI effectiveness increased from 50% to 100%.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed hurtboxes for Ustrong, puddle Ustrong, puddle Fstrong, and puddle Fspecial.
  • Bug fix: Orcane puddle can now exist on a moving pillar.

Wrastor Edit

For Wrastor, we are still trying to balance him out by removing reliance on Tornado and spreading out his KO potential elsewhere. We also wanted to make his Jump Canceled tilts more noticeable as many players were not even aware the mechanic existed.

  • Nair landing lag 16 > 8.
  • Whiff landing lag added to Fair, Bair, and Dair.
  • Nspecial SDI modifier x1 > x2.
  • Nspecial horizontal acceleration and speed reduced from .75x normal to .65x normal.
  • Nspecial Final hit knockback scaling reduced from .7 to .55.
  • Nspecial min time 42 > 40, max time 62 > 60.
  • Fspecial recovery 7 > 11.
  • Sourspot Fstrong base knockback 5 > 6.
  • Extended parry lag on strong attacks (extends parry lag to ~57 frames usually).
  • Dair hurtbox extended to reduce disjoint.
  • Prat land time 14 > 24.
  • Uspecial sweetspot scaling 1.1 > 1.25.
  • Bair knockback scaling .6 > .8, active frames 10 > 2 (turned into a sweetspot).
  • Second hitbox added to bair with the same knockback and active frames of the previous bair, but a smaller hitbox.
  • Wrastor can jump-cancel his tilts immediately after the last hitbox hits instead of only during the recovery frames (makes a 2-3 frame difference). This is because Wrastor has jump cancelled tilts as part of his design but they never felt impactful due to the late cancel opportunities. The recovery on each tilt was increased to balance out the risk of each.
  • Wrastor Ftilt Whiff Lag increased from 16 > 18.
  • Wrastor Dtilt Recovery increased from 12 > 14.
  • Wrastor Utilt Recovery increased from 12 > 14.
  • Wrastor Uair now has a center hitbox that deals 6 damage and knocks very slightly higher than the other hitboxes.
  • Bug Fix: Parrying Dspecial will no longer send him forward.
  • Bug Fix: Hitting with the last frame of Wrastor Dspecial will no longer cause him to fall to the ground instead of doing a backflip.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed hurtbox for Dstrong.

Kragg Edit

For Kragg, we wanted to address Pillar Spam even more as the move is still leaned on by many players particularly online. We have made it more risky for Kragg to use pillar on stage by increasing his landing lag after falling off a broken pillar. We also normalized the end lag for throwing rocks.

  • Fair autocancel frame 24 > 15 (autocancels right after the active frames).
  • Fair landing lag 10 > 9.
  • Dair endlag 10 > 16.
  • Whiff landing lag added to Fair and Dair.
  • Prat fall horizontal acceleration .85 > .5. Makes Kragg more easily punished when his pillar is broken.
  • Dstrong whiff lag 0 > 18 (normally 14 endlag).
  • Nthrow and Fthrow endlag 5 > 10.
  • Uthrow endlag 4 > 10.
  • Dthrow endlag 8 > 10.
  • Fstrong scaling 1.1 > 1.25.
  • Fstrong startup 22 > 24.
  • Rock's horizontal momentum when deflected is now based on damage of the deflecting move.
  • Increased the range to pick up rock from 4px to 12px.
  • Wrastor's slipstream goes behind rocks visually, increasing rock visibility when simple effects are turned on.
  • Added sound effect when rock is deflected.
  • New animation for Back Air to make it easier to see on backgrounds the same color as Kragg.
  • Pillar now has an offscreen indicator.
  • Prat Land time after falling off a broken pillar increased from 11 > 30. Remains 11 when landing after a pillarless Up Special.
  • Opponents can now tech on top of a pillar to avoid being put into Prat Fall during the tech frames.
  • Bug Fix: Removed Kragg's ability to pull multiple rocks by himself (not the glitch that requires multiple Kraggs)

Forsburn Edit

For Forsburn we wanted to add some counter play to the cookie cutter combo approach of only using smoke for Combust. Now opponents can knock smoke out of Forsburn with powerful attacks and Forsburn has to work a bit harder to get the smoke.

  • Getting hit by a move with over 15 knockback will cause Forsburn to lose all smoke charges.
  • Uspecial upward leniency 96 > 50. Makes recovering from below the stage a bit more strict.
  • Nair landing lag 6 > 7.
  • Dair landing lag 7 > 8.
  • Dair spike angle 270 > 290.
  • Whiff landing lag added to Dair and Nair.
  • Dash attack base knockback 7 > 8.
  • Forsburn now gets smoke on inhale 5 frames later, meaning he can be interrupted more easily.
  • Whifflag on dstrong 0 > 30 (normally 20 endlag).
  • Directional input for Fspecial is read earlier in the attack, preventing accidental side swapping with the clone.
  • Fstrong hit 1 causes Kragg to lose more speed than before so that Forsburn isn't punished for turning Kragg around when spaced properly.

Maypul Edit

For Maypul, we wanted to keep her a fast character with quick options but wanted to reduce reliance on Neutral Air by giving it some whiff lag and lowering the disjoint. We also wanted to lower the amount of guaranteed KOs that Maypul gets from wrapping opponents with Strong Attacks by pushing the percents up.

  • Dash Attack whiff lag 16 > 20.
  • Nair landing lag 16 > 9.
  • Nair autocancel frame 4 > 2.
  • Nair hurtbox extended.
  • Dair landing lag 5 > 7.
  • Bair hurtbox extended.
  • Base wrap frames 30 > 24, wrap scaling .2 > .14.
  • Whiff landing lag added to Nair and Dair.
  • Jab hit 2 base knockback 4 > 5.
  • Jab hit 2 whifflag 0 > 13.
  • Dtilt width 100 > 70 (reaches the same distance forward, but not as far back). This is to reduce her insane tech chasing ability.
  • Aerial dspecial goes into special fall. To make it more consistent with Forward Special and give it some counter play when used mid combo.
  • Plant attack active frames 3 > 1. Makes rolling to avoid the attack more consistent.
  • Walljump now goes slightly outward instead of straight up.
  • Uspecial Sling base increased from 4 > 6. Sling Time by distance increased slightly.
  • Bug Fix: Removed inconsistent forward burst on jab combo.
  • Bug Fix: If a wall is destroyed while Maypul is clinging onto it, she will automatically walljump.

Absa Edit

For Absa, we wanted to tweak Forward tilt to give her a faster option on tap and the long whipe we know on hold. We also wanted to rework Down Special to make sure there was some risk to putting one on yourself since the reward is still pretty great.

  • Ftilt now differentiates between tap/hold inputs. Halfway through the startup of the move, if you are not holding the attack button anymore, Absa will do a quicker, minimum-range Ftilt. If you are holding the attack button, she will do the full-range version. Full-range Ftilt is the same speed as before.
  • Fair and Bair sweetspots moved to be centered on the sweetspot visual.
  • Fair and Bair sweetspot size increased by 2px.
  • Dair Sour Spot hitbox reduced in size.
  • Uair autocancel frame 28 > 20.
  • Whiff landing lag added to Uair.
  • Prat fall horizontal acceleration .5 > .4.
  • Uspecial aerial movement restricted for a few frames longer after Uspecial finishes (before going into prat fall).
  • Cloud kick hitboxes are now centered on the cloud instead of Absa's foot.
  • Parrying another Absa's Fspecial no longer makes the cloud yours, destroying your existing cloud. Instead, it just destroys the Fspecial cloud. This fixes a bug that caused Absa to not go into parry stun when Fspecial was parried by another Absa.
  • Cloudless Dspecial now creates a cloud at Absa's position and starts the normal Dspecial chain around it.
  • Holding Dspecial will charge the move. When fully charged, the chain lightning will follow Absa.
  • Bug Fix: Removed double jump to Nspecial super jump.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed hurtboxes for Nspecial and taunt.

Etalus Edit

For Etalus, we wanted to beef up the damage on some of his strong attacks and clean up some bugs and awkward interactions with Up Air and Neutral Special.

  • Whiff landing lag added to Fair, Bair, and Dair.
  • Weak hitbox added in the middle of Dstrong. Etalus can be punished for hitting with this hitbox.
  • Bair hitbox width 100 > 120 (reaches the same distance backward, but extends further forward).
  • Uair separated into two separate hits. This prevents Uair from trading so favorably with other moves. On a clean hit, the move functions identically to before.
  • Uair has a 45 frame cooldown on hit. This is to prevent linking up to 4 Uairs on an opponent frozen on a platform.
  • Dstrong strong hit base knockback 7 > 6.
  • Dstrong damage weak hit 4 > 6, strong hit 11 > 12.
  • Ustrong damage weak hit 2 > 3, strong hit 11 > 12.
  • Ustrong weak hit hitstun modifier 1 > 1.2.
  • Rolling opponents are no longer invincible when frozen.
  • Ice will not start melting if any Etalus is using Nspecial.
  • Can act slightly earlier out of Uspecial (min actionable speed -3 > -8).
  • Fstrong Ice Hitbox reduced from 120x120 to 100x80.
  • Dstrong Ice Hitbox reduced from 120x120 to 100x100.
  • Ustrong Ice Hitbox reduced from 120x120 to 100x100.
  • Parrying Fspecial now destroys the icicles instead of reflecting them
  • Etalus AI is no longer terrible at using his recovery options. He’s still no genius but at least he isn’t terrible.

Online Edit

  • Ranked Mode has been added! You can play to raise your Ranked Score and ascend the Ranked Leaderboard. Your score is based on the Elo System where wins earn you points and losses subtract points. The better the competition, the more points you will earn.
  • There are two brackets for Ranked Mode matchmaking during early access. Players above 1200 Ranked Score and players below. We will assess if this is working based on the size of the community and scores that we see as time progresses.
  • There is now information given to you about an opponent before you accept a match in matchmaking. This includes the ping (connection indicator) as well as the self-appointed region of your opponent. After accepting a Ranked Match, you will earn a disconnect if you quit or disconnect before the set is complete.
  • Online Stats is a new category in the online menu that allows you to check out your position on the Ranked Leaderboard or view your in-game stats for Local, Online or Ranked.


0.13.2 (Hotfix) Edit

We are working on some new features and Xbox Game Preview. While both aren’t ready yet, we did want to fix some of the major bugs that had been afflicting 0.13.1.

General Edit

  • You can now B-reverse more special moves than before. The updated specials had no reason to be non-reversable.
  • Typing in a tag now selects it if it is not in use.
  • The start button will now confirm name entry.
  • LB and RB will switch pages in most menus on the character select screen.
  • Bug Fix: Promo Colors now save to tags even after exiting.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue that caused some people to have all 4 Wii U Adapter slots act as active even if less controllers were plugged in.

Zetterburn Edit

  • Updated Walk and Idle Animations.
  • Champion Zetterburn now has more transparency on his body and no transparency on his Fireball and Flame Carpet.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Forward Tilt’s extended Hurtbox.

Kragg Edit

  • Bug fix: Fixed a crash involving Down Special on moving ground such as a Pillar.

Forsburn Edit

  • Bug fix: Fixed a crash involving the Clone creating shrapnel from exploding a rock.

0.13.1 (Hotfix) Edit

I know it is a bit late for a hotfix considering 0.13.0 came out 2 weeks ago now but with the conventions and the tournaments, it took us a bit to get this bug fix together. We aren’t trying to shift balance much in this update, just fixing some bugs and tweaking Etalus ever so slightly.

General Edit

  • Bug Fix: Adjusted the 1v1 Spawn Points for the Blazing Hideout.
  • Bug Fix: You can no longer wall jump when the Aether version of Tower of Heaven declares that you cannot touch walls from the side.
  • Bug Fix: Deleting tags now resets the page number.

Zetterburn Edit

  • Champion Zetterburn Flames are slightly less transparent to increase visibility on some stages.
  • Bug Fix: Champion Zetterburn now turns purple when parrying like the other colors do.
  • Bug Fix: Zetterburn and Etalus no longer cause issues when they try to play Parry Volleyball with Zetterburn’s Fireball.

Kragg Edit

  • Rocks will no longer be halted by projectiles.
  • Bug fix: You can no longer get around the Down Special cooldown by using Aerial Down Special.
  • Bug Fix: Opponents should no longer get carried downward by the pillar while they are in respawn state.
  • Bug Fix: Kragg Down Special now moves down with moving ground such as Kragg’s Pillar.

Forsburn Edit

  • The Clone’s combust startup has been reduced from 11 to 6 frames. The startup is too long to match the reward of landing a Clone Combust.
  • Forsburn Clone will now collect the Tower of Heaven tome for his owner as well.

Maypul Edit

  • Bug Fix: Taunting while Lily is attacking will no longer cause Lily to stay active yet no longer attack.

Etalus Edit

  • Opponents who are frozen now have super armor instead of invincibility. This gives Etalus a chance to rack up more damage at low percents and gives him reason to trigger freezes at those percents.
  • The tech input has been extended from 30 frames into the frozen state up to 60 frames into the frozen state. Instead of lining up with the shine, players can no longer input a direction once there are cracks in the ice. This is to reduce frustration of opponents who were trying to tech a different direction and aren’t sure of the result until the freeze time of 90 frames ends.
  • Etalus Dash Attack hitbox has been tweaked slightly and moved 5 pixels to match the visual more closely while still remaining inversely disjointed.
  • Parrying Etalus’ Neutral Special now prevents him from getting armor.
  • Bug Fix: Etalus can no longer use his Double Jump and Up Special to fly like an eagle. This isn’t Space Jam. Or is it?
  • Bug Fix: Etalus no longer gets marked while armored. However, he can still be wrapped while armored.
  • Bug Fix: Bubbles no longer knock back Etalus while he has ice armor.
  • Bug Fix: You can now use the Strong Button to hold Etalus’ shield during Forward Air.
  • Bug Fix: Etalus no longer turns into Kragg in Dev Mode.

Online Edit

  • Bug Fix: Playing a timed match locally and then going online will no longer cause your online match to trigger desyncs.

0.13.0 - Can't Bear the Wait (Etalus Release) Edit

Hi everyone! This is our biggest update yet since we entered Early Access last September. In this update we are releasing Etalus, the final Rival in the launch roster. We are also introducing two new stages! Along with some balance changes, this update is jam-packed with features and I can’t wait for you all to try it out. After this update, we will be focusing on online improvements then single player features as we push toward launch.

Check out the Patch Preview from the Beefy Aether Doods

General Edit

  • A new Rival has been added to the game - Etalus, the Glacier’s Might.
  • A new Stage has been added to the game – The Blazing Hideout.
  • A new Stage has been added to the game – Tower of Heaven, from the indie game by the same name.
  • Projectiles now detect collision with hitboxes earlier than they detect collision with hurtboxes. This allows players to more consistently break through projectiles with attacks, since breakable projectiles will no longer trade with attacks. This includes Zetter’s Fireball, Maypul’s Seed, Orcane’s Water Gun and Kragg’s Rocks.
  • Tumble state added. Previously, if you left hitstun, you immediately went into an actionable state. This could mess up your plans if you were trying to tech, since you would air dodge instead. During tumble state, you can hold the dodge button to tech but you will still have to time the press within 20 frames of hitting the ground/wall). If you release the dodge button, however, you will air dodge, so you can still use air dodges to escape combos like before.
  • Initial Load Time Reduced Dramatically.
  • Bug Fix: You can now air dodge immediately after wall-teching.

Controls Edit

  • Dpad and Keyboard Autorun options now trigger run while held down instead of just on key press. This is similar to how the Keyboard Autorun worked online in past updates. This is to improve the speed of the game for players who wish to use the Autorun option.
  • Default controller sensitivities changed for both Xbox and Gamecube controllers. This is to help prevent players from having to make control schemes for just sensitivities.

Zetterburn Edit

Zetterburn is still in a fairly good place and performs well in the hands of both novices and skilled players. We wanted to give him a bit more control for skilled players while also hitting his more reliable KO options of Neutral Special and Down Strong.

  • The Fire Consume animation has been upgraded.
  • Up Special Angles increased from 12 > 24. This gives Zetterburn mains more control during Up Special.
  • Nspecial Charged Knockback changed from Base 7 Scaling .65 > Base 5 Scaling .8. This prevents the move from KOing as early while keeping it a solid option at high percents.
  • Up Special Hurtbox while traveling reduced in size to match his visual.
  • Forward Tilt Hitboxes and Hurtboxes adjusted to match the visual.
  • Down Strong pre-charge startup increased from 2 > 3.
  • Fireball Timer resets when parried. This allows parried fireballs to still be a threat to Zetterburn.

Orcane Edit

Orcane has become a bit too reliant on his Puddle Charged Strongs for our tastes. He should be using them to secure KOs and get opponents off stage but with their safety, he also been using them to rack up damage. This creates a slower paced match against Orcane. We are giving the puddle strongs some whiff lag to remove their safety and letting bubbles become a bit more reliable for allowing follow-ups.

  • Forward Special Air Recovery reduced from 7 > 3. (Still goes into Pratfall after).
  • Forward Special Grounded Recovey increased from 7 > 10.
  • Forward Strong recovery increased from 18 > 20.
  • Down Strong recovery increased from 18 > 22.
  • Forward Strong Puddle Whiff Recovery of 30 added. (20 base) Previously had 24 base and no whiff recovery.
  • Up Strong Puddle Whiff Recovery of 36 added. (26 base) Previously had 28 base and no whiff recovery.
  • Down Strong Puddle Whiff Recovery of 26 added. (16 base).
  • Down Tilt Active Frames increased from 2 > 3. This is because timing down tilt on a falling opponent who is going to tech can be overly difficult.
  • Visual of Strong Attacks adjusted to match the hitboxes which are fully extended initially and do not extend over time like the animation did.
  • The ASDI on each Bubble Hit has been reduced to 50% standard ASDI. Bubbles have become a bit too easy to ASDI after we changed SDI to be ASDI a few updates back.
  • Neutral Air Hitbox slightly increased in size to match the visual.

Wrastor Edit

Wrastor is cool. We are just reducing the effectiveness of aerial tornado right now to allow opponents a greater chance to DI away before Wrastor follows up with the tornado.

  • Horizontal Movement during Neutral Special reduced to 75% of air speed.

Kragg Edit

Kragg has issues with fun in his matches. Not just for him but also for his opponent. We are shifting a bit of his power away from his camping ability with Rocks and Rock Shards and giving him some more tools to play with up close.

  • His walk animation has been upgraded.
  • Kragg Fspecial is now only jump cancellable for 20 frames after hitting a rock / pillar.
  • Kragg Dspecial spikes 1 and 2 active frames decreased from 18 > 12.
  • Kragg rocks now get hit upward when hit by a non-projectile hitbox that is not strong enough to break them. This is to reduce the constant effectiveness of rocks.
  • Kragg now has an aerial version of Down Special that sends down and forward when it connects.
  • Kragg Jab 1 Endlag reduced from 17 > 13. This makes Jab a safer poke option.
  • Kragg Initial Dash Speed increased from 5.5 > 6. This allows him a bit more followups on the ground.
  • Kragg Back Air 7 Base .5 Scaling > 6 Base .4 Scaling. This is to allow more followups for Back Air.
  • All Shattered Rocks will be reflected when you parry one of them.
  • Kragg Forward Tilt will now send behind Kragg if the opponent is hit while behind Kragg. This is to reduce his easy ability to get opponents off stage.
  • Kragg’s pillar no longer sends someone into special fall if they land on it right after breaking it (only applies to the player who broke it)
  • Down Air Base Knockback Reduced from 7 > 6. This is to reduce his early gimp ability.
  • Minimum height of Kragg pillar is lower allowing for more interesting edgeguarding opportunities against Kragg.
  • Bug Fix: Side Special startup no longer stops horizontal knockback.

Forsburn Edit

Forsburn does a bit too much damage for being a combo oriented character. We are putting his damage more in line with Wrastor and Maypul. We also redesigned his Forward Special once again and we are really happy with the new result.

  • The Clone no longer attacks on its own. Instead Forsburn must trigger Forward Special again to combust the clone causing a hitbox that knocks away from the explosion. Forsburn must be able to attack to trigger his clone to combust.
  • The Clone now goes away after using Up Special for recovery.
  • Clone Cooldown now set to 2 seconds in all ways that it can be destroyed.
  • The Clone attack can be parried and will be Forsburn into extended parry lag.
  • Neutral Air Hits 1 and 2 Hitstun increased from .3 > .6. This is to prevent Auto Cancelled nairs from punishing the Forsburn player at low percents while still reducing guaranteed follow ups at high percents.
  • Neutral Air Hit 1 Angle Changed so you can tech it with good DI close to the ground.
  • Neutral Air Hits 1 and 2 Damage reduced from 2 > 1.
  • Up Tilt Hits 1 and 2 Damage reduced from 3 > 2.
  • Down Air Hits 1 and 2 Damage reduced from 10 > 8.
  • Back Air Strong Hit Damage reduced from 11 > 10.
  • Dash Attack Damage reduced from 9 > 8.

Maypul Edit

Maypul has a couple specials reworked in this update. Her Tether is being used too often as a defensive ability instead of a combo tool. We are reworking the tether to make it more offensive focused. We also redesigned Lily to no longer fit into her mark system and instead knock opponents away allowing for quick followups.

  • Lily no longer wraps marked opponents. Instead she attacks all nearby opponents. Lily goes away after attacking.
  • Lily’s attack has 9 frames of startup and is dodgeable in the neutral. It only has 3 frames of startup if Lily’s target is in hitstun to prevent players from always being able to tech before the attack goes off.
  • Lily knocks opponent away from her center horizontally similarly to Absa’s Cloud.
  • Tether base travel time is 3 frames faster when your opponent is in hitstun when you trigger it and 5 frames slower when they are not in hitstun.
  • Maypul now has 7 frames of aerial recovery on tether (same as grounded recovery) if your opponent was not in hitstun when you triggered tether.
  • Tether travel is now projectile immune instead of entirely invincible. This is to remove its incredible power in the neutral at dodging around attacking.
  • Up Tilt recovery remains at 12 Frames. Now has 16 frame whiff recovery.
  • Parrying Maypul no longer removes your mark. This is because her Tether and Lily reworks do not necessitate the removal of mark currently.
  • Maypul's neutral hurtbox was reshaped to match her visual more. Slightly thinner and slightly taller.
  • Neutral Air Hand hitboxes slightly reduced in size. This is to reduce the ease of her tech chases.
  • Forward Tilt Base Knockback Reduced from 7 > 6. This is to reduce how easy it is to get gimpable Rivals far off stage.
  • Forward Tilt, Jab 1 and Jab 2 Hitboxes reduced very slightly in size. (Around 10% reduction). This and the following two are to reduce her reliance on Jabs and Forward Tilt in the neutral.
  • Forward Tilt Recovery increased from 10 Base 14 Whiff to 12 Base 16 Whiff.
  • Jab Hit 1 and 2 Damage Reduced from 4 > 3.

Absa Edit

Absa’s Down Special on her is still an issue in that the risk of starting one does not match the reward in landing it. We are reducing the reward of Down Special. Absa’s Up Special also allows her to “skip the neutral” in a few ways so we are adjusting the hurtbox and recovery to give opponents more counter options.

  • Her walk animation has been updated.
  • Neutral Special Cooldown increased from 20 > 30 Frames to prevent stalling near the upper parts of the stage.
  • Up Special Recovery has been reworked to better fit the reward for dashing twice. Ground Recovery for Dash 1 decreased from 22 > 18. Ground Recovery for Dash 2 increased from 15 > 20. Air Recovery for Dash 2 increased from 7 > 9.
  • Up Special Hurtbox is bigger to allow players to hit Absa out of hit more reliably.
  • Up Special hit 2 Base knockback decreased from 5 > 4.
  • Down Special Hitbox reduced in size.
  • Down Special takes 5 more frames to trigger it.
  • Down Special now deals 75% knockback and 75% scaling when used on Absa instead of a cloud.
  • Forward Special cloud hitbox size decreased from 107 diameter to 95.
  • Forward Tilt can now be crouch cancelled at all percents (you will enter the flinch state instead of being knocked upward)
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where Absa Up Special could go straight right twice.

Online Edit

  • Bug Fix: Total Profile page number will be read correctly when going to online after game boot. (Hotfix) Edit

General Edit

  • You can no longer tech after hitpause when you landed an attack. You will need to be in hitstun in order to tech.

Zetterburn Edit

  • Neutral Special can once again no longer be jump cancelled if it was parried.
  • Neutral Special can now be jump cancelled even if you initiate the attack during the first few frames of jump (which usually locks out double jump).

Orcane Edit

  • You can no longer create puddles inside jumpthrough platforms on the very edge. While the extra tech was cool, the reward was too great. We don’t want to require Orcane players to attempt glitched puddles when the positioning required was extremely tight.

Wrastor Edit

  • Down Special will no longer trigger its flip if Forward Special hits a rock while Down Special is active.

Forsburn Edit

  • Attacks that cause the Flinch state (such as Jab 1) will once again destroy the clone.

Maypul Edit

  • Opponents can no longer tech out of the wrapped state when wrapped by a wall.

Online Edit

  • The Keyboard Auto-Run option did not work the same online and locally and was causing issues. When playing online, the hard directions would trigger from holds instead of presses. This prevented players from dropping through platforms without fast falling and made fast falling every jump easier and abusable. We now require keyboard players to press the input like how the option was designed to work.
  • The Run Button when using a DPad was not functioning correctly online. It has been updated to work with both Xinput and Dinput controls.

0.0.12 - Winter is Coming Edit

Hey Guys! Convention season is starting up soon and we wanted to make some changes that impact overall balance as well as the identity of some characters. Maypul and Forsburn in particular lost some of their flavor as we balanced around high level play. Now is a chance to bring back some of their uniqueness while addressing the camping concerns in different ways. We will be showing the game to fans and preparing for our next content update late in the winter. If you have comments or concerns let us know!

Check out this video by The Beefy Aether Doods that goes over the latest changes

General Edit

  • Wall Techs can now be performed even if your horizontal speed is away from the wall. This allows players to tech walls when trying to recover up the wall.
  • Wall Tech invincibility time increased from 5 frames to 12 frames.
  • Jabs are cancellable into Tilts even on whiff again. However, you cannot reverse your Forward Tilt on whiff. You can still do that on hit though. This is to prevent players from covering rolls with jab into reverse Forward Tilt.
  • Fixed bugs on Merchant Port Aether version with platforms and pipes.

Zetterburn Edit

Zetterburn benefits greatly from the Wall Tech change since he is known to ride up walls when trying to recover. We also wanted to address a few of his hitboxes that were a bit smaller than their animation. Finally we wanted to introduce some risk into using charged Neutral Special by preventing the charged version from being jump cancelled and adding more recovery frames.

  • Up Special time between last hit and travel hit reduced from 10 frames to 5 frames.
  • Up Tilt now has a hitbox in the center that reaches above the lowest jumpthrough platforms.
  • Down Strong Recovery increased from 20 > 22.
  • Neutral Air Hit 1 and Hit 2 Hitbox radius increased from 55 > 65.
  • Neutral Special Small Radius increased from 75 > 80.
  • Neutral Special Final Recovery increased from 12 > 16. This period can no longer be jump cancelled when using charged Neutral Special.

Orcane Edit

Orcane is adorable…

  • Up Strong (no puddle) now reaches above the lowest jumpthrough platforms.
  • Down Strong Whiff Lag of 18 added. Recovery remains at 12.
  • Hitstun increased on Jab 1 and Jab 2.

Wrastor Edit

Our aerial ace has been performing extremely well now that some other characters have been pulled back down to earth. The main concern with him right now is how easily Neutral Special can KO of the top at mid to low percents and Forward Special leading into guaranteed Up Special sweet spots due to the ground flinch on it. We addressed both of these and peeled off a little base knockback from his Strong Attack sweet spots to bring him in line with the rest of the cast.

  • Nspecial will no longer rise faster while hitting an opponent.
  • Nspecial final hit reduced from 7 Base .4 Scaling > 4 Base .7 Scaling. This is to remove ridiculously early KOs from Tornado but keep it a viable KO option at higher percents.
  • Forward Special pops up grounded opponents again. Hitstun returned to .1x. Buffer is cleared to prevent accidental air dodges.
  • Parrying Wrastor’s Forward Special now correctly removes the current and prevents Wrastor from using his Forward Special again for the full cooldown instead of .5x like it was before.
  • Fstrong Base knockback reduced from 9 > 8.
  • Ustrong Base knockback reduced from 9 > 8.
  • Air Acceleration while in Prat Fall reduced from .5x to .3x.
  • Fast Fall speed reduced from 12 > 11.
  • Bug Fix: Wrastor’s Aerial Down Special will no longer hit and slide near the end of it.
  • Bug Fix: Wrastor will now correctly go into Parry Lag when parried during Down Special and then hitting the ground after the kick but during recovery.

Kragg Edit

Kragg is in a pretty good place but his Forward Strong and Up Strong needed a bit more scaling for the Heavy Hitter that he is. The sour hit of Up Strong was in a weird place considering it is a Strong Attack and should give you a decent reward.

  • Dash Attack whiff lag reduced from 24 > 20.
  • Up Strong Knockback Scaling increased from .95 > 1.1.
  • Up Strong Second Hit (Sour Hit) Knockback increased from 5 base .3 scaling > 6 base .8 scaling.
  • Forward Strong Knockback Scaling 1.0 > 1.1.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug that caused the entire stage to move when a Rock or Pillar was attacked at the start of a match.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where players who were hit while standing on a rock that breaks would take knockback but have 0 hitstun.

Forsburn Edit

Forsburn players are sad to miss out on the “Clone Bros” playstyle that he has adopted when he could combo with his illusory buddy. We do want to push the special toward deception but feel like the latest update felt awkward with hitbox-less attacks. Until we come up with a cooler deception use for Forward Special, we wanted to give players back their CPU friend for now. We removed the ability to make the clone attack faster to prevent camping with the clone.

  • Forsburn’s clone creates active hitboxes again.
  • Forsburn’s clone attacks on a timer of 90 frames after each attack has ended. The clone no longer responds to special inputs. This is to prevent players from running away and mashing special to get their clone to attack. Now the clone will be easily dispatched unless the Forsburn player gets involved as well. Forsburn players can learn the rhythm of clone attacks to get the best use out of comboing with it.
  • Forsburn’s clone now counts as a hit again for whiff / cancel reasons.
  • Forward Special Startup increased from 6 > 12 frames.
  • Forward Special Recovery increased from 4 > 8 frames.
  • Up Special Startup increased from 15 > 18 frames. This is to give aggressive edgeguarders more of a chance to interrupt Forsburn before he can teleport.
  • Forsburn Down Air hits 1 and 2 have had their hitbox sizes reduced. Down Air is becoming too much of an all-purpose aerial so we wanted to strip back the hitboxes a touch.
  • Forsburn Up Special Hitstun Scaling reduced from 1.0 > .85. This is to punish players less for missing an edgeguard against Forsburn while still preventing Forsburn from being punished even when he lands his Up Special.

Maypul Edit

Lily has lost some of her cool identity in recent updates now that her impact on a match is lessened. We like Lily being an important part of Maypul’s identity. While we don’t want Maypul to have too powerful of zoning tools, we wanted to bring back some of Lily’s glory and address the camping issue in different ways.

  • Lily now wraps all marked opponents again. They no longer are required to be in hitstun.
  • Fat Lily has been removed from the game. Maypul can still feed Lily or Taunt to extend her life time but she will no longer be fed to permanence. This is to reduce her camping ability with a Fat Lily.
  • Parrying Maypul’s attacks now removes her Watcher’s Mark from opponents. This is to reduce the viability of spamming seeds against a marked target and opens up a way for opponents to work around Watcher’s Mark.
  • Neutral Special seed start moved back 10 px closer to her hand to make feeding Lily up close easier.
  • We have changed the input for using Maypul’s Up Special Uppercut while opponents are marked. Many new players will accidently uppercut when they want to tether. Some new players are unaware of the tether mechanic at all. Now to perform the Uppercut if your opponent is marked, you must be holding dodge during the startup frames after starting Up Special instead of just releasing the special button early. This is to keep the uppercut viable for skilled players but make the tether more likely to be used by new players.
  • Down Strong Startup increased from 10 > 12. Down Strong Knockback scaling increased from 1.0 > 1.1.
  • Maypul’s Strong attacks no longer deal increased knockback on wrapped opponents. This is to remove the extra benefit she gets for wrapping with Lily in order to secure an earlier KO.
  • Maypul Down Special Ground cast total frames increased from 24 > 27 Frames.
  • Maypul Up Special Tether end location moved from 40px away from the center of her target to 46px. This moves her out of range of Orcane’s Puddleless Up Strong and Maypul’s Up Strong as guaranteed punishes for all 3 tether directions.

Absa Edit

Absa lost some of her close range power last update with the removal of Down Special into Up Special. To bring it back, we are increasing her air max speed and acceleration to allow her to weave toward opponents better. We are also increasing the cooldown on Forward Special to motivate Absa players to follow up their clouds with other options instead of another Forward Special.

  • Absa Neutral Special on the ground now pops her up like her aerial Neutral Special does.
  • Absa Back Air knockback angle reduced from 40/45 to 32.5.
  • Forward Special Cooldown increased from 8 > 24 frames.
  • Air Max Speed increased from 5 > 6.
  • Air Acceleration increased from .35 > .4.
  • Clouds now draw in front of Wrastor’s currents.

Dev Mode Edit

Trevor has made a huge number of adjustments and improvements to Dev Mode. You can now create new hitboxes and have much better control over attacks. Check out his thread to get all the information on how to use Dev Mode 0.3.

Online Edit

  • You can now enable Dev Mode in Online matches by hitting the gear in the upper left corner. You must ensure that you both have the same exact files in the dev_ver_0.3 folder to avoid desyncs.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where the Short Hop button was causing desyncs.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where the Mayflash 4 Controller Adapter would not work if you started an online match with the Steam Overlay up.

0.0.11 (Hotfix)

0.0.10 - What a Whiff!

0.0.9 (Hotfix)

0.0.8 - The Storm Arrives (Absa release)

0.0.7 - Pumpkin Patch

0.0.6 - Pillar-pacolypse

0.0.5 (Hotfix)

0.0.4 - Jabs for Days

0.0.3 (Hotfix)

0.0.2 - Update