Parrying is a technique in Rivals of Aether allowing you to stun your opponent if you can anticipate their next attack with precise timing. The slower an attack, the more punishable it is after parrying.

Upon successfully parrying your opponent, you become invulnerable and your opponent will be stunned after their attack ends, or left helpless if they are in the air (they can still walljump out of it).

Projectiles can also be parried, which will reflect them in the opposite direction and change their ownership to the fighter that parried it. Parrying certain projectiles does not stun your opponent but still makes your character invulnerable. The parry animation can be canceled if a projectile is parried.

Parrying the first hit of a neutral jab does not stun your opponent.

While parrying, your hurtbox is the same as your character's standing hurtbox.

Frame data Edit

Every character has the same parrying frame data despite their varying animations. It is as follows:

  • 2 frame startup
  • Active from frame 3 to frame 10
  • Endlag until frame 30

Stun duration: 40 frames added to the end of the attack.

Unique Effects Edit

  • If one of Etalus' attacks is parried, he will lose his ice armor. This even applies to his ice spike projectiles!
    • If you are standing on ice and Etalus uses his Down Special, you can avoid being frozen with a parry, but it will not remove Etalus' ice armor or stun him.
  • Parrying Orcane's water shot will not make a puddle.
  • Characters that parry Maypul have their marks removed.
    • Parrying Maypul's seed will not mark Maypul.
  • Parrying Kragg's down special addes 80 extra stun frames to Kragg, but only reverses the spike that was parried. The rest of the spikes will continue to appear.
    • When Kragg's pillar is parried, it is immediately broken.
  • If Orcane's bubbles are parried, they do not change direction or change ownership.
  • When Wrastor's Forward Special is parried, it will turn around, hit Wrastor, and stop the air current. Wrastor cannot use the move for a few seconds afterwards.
  • Parrying Absa's Forward Special adds an amount of frames based on how far away Absa is from the character who parried.
  • If Forsburn's attacks are parried, any smoke clouds he consumed will be released.
  • If Ranno is parried, the target is healed of poison.
    • If Ranno's Side Special (tongue) is parried, he will be stunned for an increased number of frames.
  • Clairen's Neutral Special Grab acts like a jab. If it is parried, Clairen will not receive stun but the opponent will still get invincibility.
  • Characters that parry Zetterburn are healed from the burn effect.
  • If Sylvanos' Down Special is parried, the move ends.