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Light (1.15x knockback)
Ground speed:
Aerial speed:
Falling speed:
Normal (base)
Normal (fastfall)
Jump height:
Normal (base)
Normal (double)

Ori is a playable character that is available for purchase as DLC as of August 23, 2017. Ori was announced at Rivals of Aether's E3 2017 Direct Conference presentation for the game, and is the first third-party character to be introduced in the game. Ori comes from the game Ori and the Blind Forest.

Attributes Edit

Strengths Edit

  • In Team Battles, Ori can use Bash to extend combos, set up for kills, and help out teammates in danger by stopping an opponent. Bash can also affect multiple opponents at the same time.
    • The invincibility from Bash prevents Ori from getting attacked by another opponent while using the move.
  • Ori's projectile and Sein's Charged Flame can keep opponents away if timed correctly.
  • Sein's normal Spirit Flame can hinder approaches and possibly let Ori escape kill setups.
  • Ori's Up Special has amazing horizontal mobility
  • Like Maypul, Ori can cling to walls.
  • Ori is lightweight, allowing them to escape combos more easily.
  • Up Air, Back Air, and Neutral Air are incredible combo / finishing moves

Weaknesses Edit

  • Ori can be killed easily due to their light weight nature.
  • Ori has little range outside of Sein's weak attacks and their Forward Special.
  • Sein can only passively follow Ori and cannot move away from Ori to attack independantly.
  • Missing Bash or Down Aerial offstage almost always results in a suicide.
  • Ori's recovery has little vertical range.
  • Ori's smash attacks have significantly less kill potential without Sein.
  • Charged Flame requires precise timing to hit.

Techniques Edit

  • By immediately using Bash after a Forward Special, Ori can Bash their projectile in any direction, enabling sneaky recoveries or quick stage movement.
  • You can attack or charge with Sein while Ori is using any move, including Bash. However, Sein cannot hit opponents during Bash.

Gameplay Edit

In-Game Info: Edit

"Ori and Sein fight as a tag team. If Sein is close to Ori, they can use team-up Strong Attacks. Tap Neutral Special to have Sein fire a Spirit Flame. Hold Neutral Special to have Sein use Charged Flame. Ori can use Down Special to either Bash projectiles or Bash opponents in any direction."

Elemental Powers: Edit

  • SPIRIT FLAME - Sein follows Ori around the battlefield. You can tap Neutral Special to have Sein quickly fire a Spirit Flame from wherever Sein is. You can hold Neutral Special to have Sein use Charged Flame.
  • BASH - Ori can use Down Special to Bash nearly anything in Rivals of Aether – from characters to projectiles to rocks and plants. Ori can also move around the stage by bashing the Light Grenade that is thrown by her Side Special.
  • TAG TEAM - When Ori and Sein are close enough, Ori can use Strong Attacks to initiate tag team combos. These Strong Attacks have more powerful properties as Sein assists Ori for a more devastating blow.


Move Damage Description
Dash Attack 7%, 10% (Tipper) Ori rushes forward in energy and headbutts opponents. There is a tipper hitbox near the end that knocks the opponent upward and can be canceled with any move.
Neutral Jab 2%, 2%, 4% Punches the opponent quickly twice and then performs a kick.
Up Tilt 7% (multi-hit) Holds up a crackling ball of energy that hits multiple times. The first few hits of this attack drag opponents downward,
Forward Tilt 7% Ori does a sweeping attack with their tail. This attack moves Ori backwards slightly.
Down Tilt 5% Ori rolls forward covered in energy, hitting opponents.
Forward Strong 10% (without Sein), 14% (with Sein) Without Sein: Ori thrusts both hands forward to lauch opponents.

With Sein: Ori charges up Sein and then thrusts Sein forward, which causes a massive explosion of energy. This attack has multiple hits.

Up Strong 10% (without Sein), 14% (with Sein) Without Sein: Ori turns into energy and shoots upward..

With Sein: Ori and Sein turn into energy and fly upward with a large burst at the top. This attack has multiple hits.

This move is reminiscent of the Charge Jump in their own game.

Down Strong 10% (without Sein), 18% (with Sein) Without Sein: Ori dashes back and forth and hits opponents away. The attacks do not combo into each other.

With Sein: Ori dashes back and forth while Sein creates explosions. Each explosion carries opponents into the next one.

Neutral Air 5% Ori spins their arms around. The hitbox is only around Ori's hands.
Up Air 6% Ori does a flip and hits enemies with its tail. The angle that your opponent is launched at depends on what part of the move they get hit with (if it hits at the start they get launched forward but if it hits at the end it launches the target backwards). Can be used to wall of pain opponents by using forward air followed by the start of this move.
Forward Air 3%, 4% A kick followed by a tail slap.
Backward Air 9% Ori punches opponents behind them. Can kill at high percents.
Down Air 8% , 9% (landing hitbox) Ori turns into a ball of light and launches themselves downward. If an opponent is hit, Ori bounces off of them and can immediately perform another attack. When Ori touches the ground during this move, a small eruption of energy happens that can damage opponents on either side. This attack is jump-cancelable and Up Special-cancelable. It is reminiscent of the Stomp ability in their own game.
Dash Attack 6% A quick headbutt. Hitting the sweetspot cancels the attack and enables Ori to act immediately.
Neutral special 1%, 10% (charged), 13% (charged sweetspot) Sein damages nearby enemies with a small energy burst. This attack is extremely quick but it has virtually no knockback and can only stun opponents who are already stunned. It can be used three times in a row before Sein has to recharge. This attack can also be charged by holding the button for 15 frames. Pressing the button again after this or doing nothing for 3 seconds will release the Charged Flame, a strong attack with knockback. Charged Flame has a sweetspot in the center. Sein must rest for a few frames after using Charged Flame.

If Ori is poisoned, using this move will damage Ori.

Up special 7% (initial jump), 3% (when reopened) Ori spins into the air hitting enemies multiple times and then glides using Kuro's Feather. Ori can cancel the initial rising part of the attack with an air dodge (if done this way, the move can be used again but only once before landing. The second consecutive Up Special does less damage and gives Ori an extremely small vertical boost.) The feather can be opened and closed by moving the control stick up or down.
Side special 3-6% Ori throws a sphere of light. The strength of the throw, as well as its forward momentum, increase as the button is held. As this move is a projectile, it is affected by Ori's Bash.
Down special 14% Ori jumps, holds on to a projectile or an opponent, and freezes time for a few seconds. Both the player and the target are invincible until this move ends. The player can choose a direction to propel Ori in when the move ends. The projectile or opponent is propelled in the opposite direction. If Ori is not touching anything when this move is used, Ori becomes helpless. This move is called Bash.

Bash Mechanics Edit

This chart shows how Ori's bash interacts with objects in the game

Name of Object Creator of Object Damage Dealt to other players Other Effect
Fireball Zetterburn 2% Burns the opponent.
Rock Kragg Kragg can pick up the rock while Ori is choosing a direction for it to go.
Pillar Kragg Breaks the pillar.
Rock Shard Kragg 3% The shards go through players.
Clone Forsburn 12% It explodes on contact with players or the stage.
Seed Maypul 2% Marks the opponent.
Plant Maypul 4% Wraps the opponent.
Tornado Wrastor 5% Flies through blocks but does not make a slipstream.
Droplet Orcane 6% Does not make a puddle.
Cloud Absa 4% It explodes when hitting a player. Does not explode when hitting the stage. Instead, it simply does not move and eventually expires. If the cloud was charged by Absa's Down Special, the cloud can be Bashed but the hitbox remains and can zap Ori.
Icicle Etalus 2% The icicles go through players and do not make ice.
Bubble Ranno The bubble moves as if it had been hit by a normal attack.
Darts Ranno 1% The darts will hit players normally and apply 1 poison stack.
Seed Sylvanos 14% The seed is redirected and will still multihit opponents. It will not grow on the ground however.
Flower Sylvanos The flower is destroyed in one hit.
Leaf Blade (Forward Tilt) Sylvanos Ori cannot use Bash on this move despite it appearing to be a projectile.
Steam Elliana Bash does not affect steam.
Missiles Elliana 2-20% Ori can redirect missiles and control them with the control stick.
Arm Rockets Elliana 4%, 9% The rockets are redirected and they explode after a certain amount of time.
Mines Elliana 12% The mines blow up after a certain amount of time, even if they are in the air. Gravity is still applied.
Self-Destructing Mech Elliana 10% The mech explodes very shortly after being launched.
Buzzsaw Boomerang Shovel Knight 5% The boomerang flies quickly in the direction selected. It can go through walls.
Up Strong Block Shovel Knight 6% Ori throws the block in any direction. One thing to note is that Ori can wall cling onto the block due to it's large size.
Ghost Glove Shovel Knight 3% The glove flies in any direction, even though it can normally only go left or right. It still disappears quickly.
Fishing Rod Shovel Knight Despite this move acting like a projectile, Ori cannot bash this move.
Mobile Gear Shovel Knight 2% Ori can only bash the mobile gear while it is in the box; Ori cannot bash it once it is deployed.


Special Costumes




  • Ori is currently the only character in Rivals of Aether to have a partner who follows.
  • Ori was the first guest fighter to appear in Rivals of Aether, followed by Shovel Knight in September 2018.
    • Because of this, Ori has no title.
  • Sein "follows" Ori by moving to Ori's last coordinates with a slight delay; Sein moves slighty behind Ori and does not take the shortest route to Ori, but instead tracks Ori's movements exactly; as a result, running and jumping can cause Ori and Sein to become temporarily desynchronized.
  • Ori is one of the three characters who cannot be played in Abyss Mode. The other two are Clairen and Ranno.
    • In version 1.1.2, there is a glitch that lets you attempt to play as Ori in Abyss Mode. By selecting Ori in Versus mode or Practice mode, beating the Gatekeepers in story mode, continuing on into the Abyss, and then dying, Ori will appear in Abyss mode as the selected character. Unfortunately, the game will give you a fatal error and quit if you do so.
  • Ori is the second character that can wall cling, the first being Maypul.
  • Despite not being playable in Abyss Mode, Ori has an unused Abyss color. However, the color is the same as Ori's default one.
  • Ori is genderless according to the developers.

Character revealEdit

Rivals of Aether - Ori Character Reveal

Rivals of Aether - Ori Character Reveal