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Normal (1x knockback)
Ground speed:
Aerial speed:
Falling speed:
Slow (base) Normal (fastfall)
Jump height:
Low (base)
High (double)

Orcane is capable of performing long, intricate combos by using his quick attacks and puddle stage control. His bubbles zone opponents and lead to combos, and his ability to teleport to his puddle lets him edgeguard fiercely.



  • Down Tilt is fast and safe, combos well, and has amazing reach.
  • Bubbles allow for longer combos and interrupt enemy attacks.
  • Up Special, Side Special, and Forward Air can all be used for recovery.
  • Up Special allows Orcane to edgeguard fiercely without self-destructing.
  • Down Special Bubbles force opponents to respect the puddle.
  • Puddle-Boosted Strong Attacks are powerful and have massive range compared to most characters.
  • Strong grounded neutral due to his fast acting moves and disjoints such as Down Tilt and Back Air.


  • Has few long-ranged air attacks besides Back Air.
  • Side Special can be parried, making recovery difficult against good opponents.
  • Has few true kill confirms and often has to rely on his fast Down Strong and Puddle-Boosted Strong Attacks for kills.
  • Up Special is one of the easiest moves to punish if it is used too much.
  • Has virtually no vertical recovery if puddle is used up.


  • Hydroplane - Turn around quickly just before using a running Strong Attack to boost Orcane's speed.
  • Double Bubble - Have a puddle on the stage, then use Neutral Special into 2 Down Specials. The old puddle gets activated while the water shot is still in midair then the new puddle gets activated right after.
  • Falling Side Special - Do a Side Special in the air, and repeatedly input fastfalls before you reappear. Each fastfall should make Orcane move a small step downwards, allowing you to move downwards with this move that normally shouldn't.
  • Bubble Butt - If you use Orcane's Forward Air to propel yourself in the opposite direction it was used, Orcane's back will have a hitbox that can be used to safely recover.
    • You can reverse Neutral Special to have Orcane facing the correct direction.
  • Orcahopping - Using an Up Special within frames of double jumping to gain an extreme jump boost, it puts you in free fall but without a puddle it may be your only option.
  • Puddless Recovery - If you have a puddle, you can use your Up Special and press dodge before teleporting to use your Up Special as if you didn't have a puddle.
    • This can be a good mix-up if your opponent is expecting a puddle recovery.
    • This makes the same noise as a puddle recovery and can trick your opponent if they react to the noise.
    • Combined use of Puddless Recovery, Orcahopping, Bubble butt, and good puddle placement can make your recovery very hard to predict.
  • Neutral Air bounce - If Orcane touches the ground while the hitbox of Nair is active and the attack button is held, he will bounce.
    • Fastfall Nair into the ground to perform a large bounce.
    • Orcane can also bounce if you fastfall when hitting with Nair.
    • This technique can let Orcane hit twice with one Nair.


In-Game Info:

"Orcane can create a puddle with his Neutral Special or Down Special. He can teleport to his puddle with Up Special. Orcane can turn his puddle into bubbles with his Down Special to trap enemies. Orcane can stand on top of his puddle and use a Strong Attack to consume the puddle and increase his range."

Elemental Powers:

  • PUDDLE TELEPORTATION - Orcane creates a puddle with his Neutral Special or Down Special. He can then teleport to his puddle using his Up Special as a powerful vertical blow or an effective recovery when launched off the stage.
  • BUBBLE EVAPORATION - Orcane can turn his puddle into a pillar of bubbles with his Down Special to trap enemies above the puddle.
  • WATER AMP - When standing on top of his puddle, Orcane can consume the water underneath him to perform powerful Strong Attacks with far greater range and knockback.


Move Damage Description
Dash Attack 6% Orcane rolls forward like a ball, sending opponents in front of him flying.
Neutral Jab 4%, 4%, 6% Orcane makes two swipes before slamming down both hands.
Forward Tilt 9% Orcane opens his mouth wide and takes a large bite, knocking opponents away in front of him.
Up Tilt 4%

6% (sweet)

Orcane quickly arches his back and stabs upward with his dorsal fin, sending opponents slightly up. This move has little lag and combos into itself. Sweetspot at the tip of the fin.
Down Tilt 9% Orcane very quickly spins low while sweeping with his tail, sending opponents slightly up in front of him. This move has little lag and long reach.
Neutral Air 6% Orcane quickly spins in a circle, doing a sort-of flip, sending opponents up in front or behind him. While the hitbox is active, Orcane can bounce off the ground. This can gain more height than a standard jump if Orcane was fastfalling during Neutral air.
Up Air 11% (blast),

6% (body)

Orcane shoots a blast of water upwards through his blowhole, sending opponents straight up. The recoil slightly speeds up his fall, with a hitbox on the bottom of his body that sends opponents straight down with low knockback.
Forward Air 2%x6 (bubbles),

8% (body)

Orcane shoots a bunch of bubbles in front of him and propels himself backwards. The extra hitbox on his back has high knockback.

You can very slightly influence the vertical speed of bubbles as they form with your up/down directional input.

Backward Air 6%,

8% (sweet)

Orcane whips his tail backwards. Hitting the first part can also combo into the late sweetspot located at the tip of his tail, which has high knockback.
Down Air 3%x4 Orcane spins downward in a drilling motion, sending opponents very slightly up with the final hit.
Up Strong 10-16%

14-22% (puddle)

Orcane shoots a high-pressure blast of water upward through his blowhole. If you turn around after dashing and immediately use this move, Orcane slides a bit further.

Absorbing a puddle increases vertical range, knockback, and damage.

Forward Strong 9-14%

14-22% (puddle)

Orcane shoots a high-pressure blast of water forward through his blowhole. If you turn around after dashing and immediately use this move, Orcane slides a bit further.

Absorbing a puddle increases horizontal range, knockback, and damage.

Down Strong 9-14%

11-17% (puddle)

Orcane shoots high-pressure blasts of water upward on both sides of him. If you turn around after dashing and immediately use this move, Orcane slides a bit further.

Absorbing a puddle increases vertical range, knockback, and damage.

Neutral Special 6% Orcane shoots a ball of water in an arc out of his blowhole which leaves a puddle when it lands on the ground. This move has a 1 second cooldown.

The water shot pierces through opponents, but still disappears if it collides with one of their hitboxes. If the shot is parried, it reverses direction but it will not create a puddle when hitting the ground.

Orcane can only have one puddle at a time, creating a new puddle makes the old puddle vanish. Puddles do not disappear over time.

Up Special 12%

10% (sour)

Orcane teleports to his puddle, hitting around him with high knockback upon arrival. There is a weaker but larger late sourspot.

If used on the ground, this move also leaves a puddle at his previous location. If he has no puddle, he instantly creates one and reappears in place.

If used in the air without a puddle, Orcane becomes helpless. If you use this move at the start of a jump, its height is increases.

There is an achievement where you have to kill your opponent using this move. This achievement is called "The Watery Trap".

Forward Special 8%

14% (puddle)

Orcane teleports straight forward and creates a "splash" effect hits around him upon arrival. This move has three range variations: long (forward input), medium (no input) and short (backward input). Gains a tiny bit of height when colliding with a wall. Rapidly pressing down on the control stick moves Orcane downwards by small increments.

Orcane is helpless afterwards unless he hits an enemy character.

Absorbing a puddle increases damage and knockback.

Down Special 2%x8 (bubbles),

6% (water ball)

Orcane's puddle evaporates into a bunch of damaging bubbles that disappear shortly after. You can influence the horizontal speed of bubbles as they form with your left/right directional input.

If used without a puddle, Orcane instead drops a ball of water below him, similar to his neutral special. Doing this puts this move on a 1 second cooldown, so you can't directly activate the puddle afterwards or drop another ball of water.

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When he first arrived in Water Town, the merchant capital of Aether, Orcane was considered a dangerous nuisance and a criminal. Orcane is a playful trickster, notorious for escaping even the most precarious of situations. However, while the Water Merchants denounce Orcane in public, they do not hesitate to call upon him when they need a situation dealt with quietly. Orcane is sly and can infiltrate even the most secure strongholds. He can transform into water and confuse enemies with a spray of bubbles, making him the perfect candidate for stealth assignments. -Website


  • Orcane is the second character to be announced, alongside Zetterburn. He represents the element of water.
  • Orcane is based on "Porca", a panther/orca whale hybrid created as a project for an organic modeling class Dan Fornace took. However, Dan considers Orcane as more of an orca/dog mix.
  • Orcane's moveset is inspired by Vaporeon's moveset from another game Dan created: Super Smash Land.
  • Orcane makes a playable appearance in the indie crossover fighting games Indie Pogo and Fraymakers. His moveset in each game is based mainly on his moveset from Rivals of Aether.
  • Orcane could also be based off the Akhlut, a creature in Inuit mythology that is said to possess the body of a wolf and the head of an orca. They are often considered as evil.
  • Orcane’s name might be a combination of the words Orca and Arcane.