Rivals of Aether's online mode lets 1 or 2 players battle with players online in ranked matches, exhibition matches, friendly matches, or team matches. Players are generally connected with other players who have chosen the same Region, which can be changed in Stats and Options.

General Interface Edit

In Online Mode, the name of your account and your opponent's account are shown in the top corners. The connection speed is shown in the bottom right corner. The lower the number, the better the connection. The amount of Aether Coins bet in a money match is in the bottom left corner.

On the character selection screen, your character will always be on the left side while your opponent's character will be on the right side. In non-friendly matches, the opponent's character is not shown.

Ranked Match Edit

Ranked matches let players battle opponents online with a ranking system. Winning a match instantly adds to your rank. Losing a match instantly decreases your rank. All players under 1200 ranked points can be matched with one another. Players over 1200 ranked points are in another group.

When the system matches you with another player, you can at first only see their connection speed and region. If you decline the match at this stage, you will not lose any ranked points. If you accept the match, then you cannot leave the match without forfeiting, which will decrease your rank.

The ranked leaderboard sorts players by their number of points. Players with over 1200 points are in the bronze category. Players with over 1500 points are in the silver category. Players with over 1800 points are in the gold category.

Exhibition Match Edit

This mode is for more casual players. There are no rankings in this mode and no penalties for losing. However, this does mean a new player can be matched with a veteran player.

Money matches can be started in this mode. Press the button in the upper left part of the screen to decide how many Aether Coins should be bet and how many matches will take place. After you press 'OK', the opponent must accept it or decline it. During a money match, the amount of Aether Coins bet will appear in the lower left corner of the screen, reminding players just how much is on the line.

Disconnecting at any time does not give players a penalty.

Friendly Match Edit

Friendly Matches let players battle their friends online. In the PC version, starting a Friendly Match will pop up a Steam Window that lets you select a friend to fight. The time and stock settings can be changed and if both players have the same Dev. Mode files, Dev. Mode can be used.

Team Match Edit

In a Team Match, two players playing on one game can fight two players online. If there are not two players, a computer will play in the match.