Merchant Port is a stage that appears in Rivals of Aether and is home to Orcane. If you have purchased Ranno, this stage gets the stage skin Swampy Estuary.

Description Edit

Basic Edit

There are two small low platforms near the edges and two small high platforms close to each other on top of the wheel in the middle. This stage has walls, so players cannot go underneath it. The water is just for decoration and it does not affect gameplay. The Swampy Estuary version has the exact same layout.

Aether Edit

The water wheel now has four small platforms connected to it instead of two and it now spins counter-clockwise. There are also two water shooters near the edges that blast out water above them when attacked. The blast deals 10% damage to players and has strong upward knockback. Once used, the shooters must recharge.

Background Edit

Origin Edit

Merchant Port is a part of Water Town, the merchant capital of Aether. The stage is a water platform in the middle of the ocean, not too far from the coast.

Swampy Estuary is Ranno's home.

Trivia Edit

  • Water Merchants in the town despise Orcane, but they still request him to do spying missions
  • The mountains seen in the background of this stage are in the same mountain range as Tempest Peak.
  • The rotating platforms on this stage can carry objects placed on the ground, including Zetterburn's fire, Orcane's puddle, Kragg's rock, Maypul's plant, Etalus' ice, Sylvanos' grass, and Elliana's mine. This can cause a few graphics glitches.