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Maypul new.png
Light (1.1x knockback)
Ground speed:
Very fast
Aerial speed:
Falling speed:
Normal (base)
Fast (fastfall)
Jump height:
Low (base)
High (double)

Maypul is a rushdown character who can execute long combos using her quick attacks. She can mark opponents to teleport to them, allowing for interesting kill setups.

On January 17, 2018, an alternate skin for Maypul was released that turns her into the character Ragnir from Brawlhalla. This skin can be purchased for $3.99, and it changes all of Maypul's sprites.



  • Very agile on the ground and air.
  • Has many fast moves that are good for punishes
  • Can sprout a plant that attacks opponents that are close to it, interrupting their combos and limiting their movement.
  • Strong attacks wrap marked opponents, giving you time to prepare a combo.
  • Great kill confirms in forward aerial and strong attacks.
  • Down Air can catch opponents off guard as it always appears on the ground under Maypul regardless of how high off the ground she is
  • Can do a reverse side special, which leads to combos
  • The Up Special tether forces a 50 / 50 situation when used near the top of the stage. Maypul can use Up Air, Up Special, or Neutral Air after a tether
  • Can wall cling


  • Light weight; easy to K.O.
  • Poor recovery when there are no marked opponents to slingshot to. Combined with her light weight nature, whenever she is launched far off the stage, expect her to be killed outright.
  • Marks wear off after Maypul dies or when Maypul is parried
  • The plant, Lily, can be parried, stunning it and removing Maypul's stage control option.
  • Maypul's teleportation can backfire if the opponent predicts it
  • Down aerial is useless offstage.
  • Ori's Down Special can send Lily back at Maypul, wrapping her for a short while.


  • Reverse Side Special: Press the opposite direction after initiating a Side Special to execute a short dash backwards.
  • Use a combination of Jabs and Forward Tilts to edgeguard opponents. This will confuse their DI as the Jab should be DI'ed out while the Forward Tilt should be DI'ed in.
  • If you mark and wrapped opponent and hit them with a Strong Attack while they are still marked, you can follow up with a tether
  • Gravity Cancel Up Special - If you hit someone with Up Special on a platform that is not solid, you can press down on the control stick while in hitpause to cancel the Up Special.


In-Game Info:

"Maypul can mark her opponents with Neutral Special, Forward Special, and Down Special in the air*. Maypul can use her Strong Attacks to wrap marked opponents in place, removing the mark. Maypul can hold Up Special to sling toward marked opponents. Tap Up Special to uppercut instead."

*the aerial down special marks opponents but the grounded version does not.

Elemental Powers:

  • WATCHER'S MARK - Maypul can use her Seeds or her Watcher's Dash to mark opponents, making them susceptible to her following attacks.
  • WRAPPED UP - After marking her targets, Maypul can use her Strong Attacks or her trusty Plant to wrap marked opponents in place allowing her to follow up with another attack.
  • SLING SHOT - Maypul can use her vines to sling toward marked opponents, allowing her to elude attacks and quickly close distances.

Maypul revolves around rushing down the opponent with her very high speed as well as her unique down air and her sling shot teleportation.

She can quickly establish her zone by sprouting her plant and marking the opponent with seeds. Her strong attacks are a bit slow but have great range and are disjointed.

When doing a walljump Maypul can hold the jump button to cling onto the wall for a few seconds before walljumping.


Move Damage Description
Abilities Watcher's Mark: Maypul can use her Neutral Special, Side Special, or Down Special to mark her opponents. The mark lasts until Maypul dies, the opponent parries Maypul, Maypul wraps the opponent with a Strong attack, or Maypul tethers to the opponent with Up Special.
Dash Attack 3%, 5% Maypul thrusts her leaf blades forward and then upwards. The first hit usually connects into the second hit.
Neutral Jab 3% (x2) Maypul frantically swipes the area in front of her with minor knockback. Loops into itself.
Forward Tilt 8% Punches directly in front of her.
Up Tilt 8% Maypul ducks down and summons thorny branches from the ground, hitting in front and behind her with good vertical range. Launches opponents up.
Down Tilt 7% Spins around and swipes enemies in front of her with her tail, launching them upward.
Up Strong 11-16% Maypul flings her vines above her like a whip.

Wraps marked opponents in place.

Forward Strong 11-16% Maypul flings her vines in front of her like a whip.

Wraps marked opponents in place.

Down Strong 10-16% Maypul spins her vines around her like a whip, striking opponents in front, then behind her.

Wraps marked opponents in place.

Neutral Air 8%

4% (sour)

Punches outwards in both directions. The late hit is weaker.
Up Air 2%, 2%, 5% Maypul spins her vines above her like a fan, sending opponents up.

This move can also be used to gain height as it slightly accelerates Maypul upwards.

Forward Air 8% Quickly swipes in front of her, sending opponents diagonally downwards. This move is very useful for edgeguarding and for finishing off opponents.
Back Air 4%, 5% Swipes her tail behind her twice. The first hit of this can combo into other moves if hitfalled.
Down Air 5% Maypul sprouts a small thorny branch from the ground directly below her, sending opponents in the direction she is facing.

This move cannot be used if Maypul has no platforms below her.

Neutral Special 2% Maypul quickly throws a small and fast seed in front of her. Seeds mark opponents but don't knock them away. This attack can break Kragg's pillar.
Up Special 10% No Mark: A fast uppercut that sends opponents upward with high knockback. Leaves Maypul helpless.

Mark: If an opponent has been marked or wrapped, holding the button instead causes Maypul to use her sling shot and quickly teleport to her opponent's side. The teleportation can be aimed left, up or right according to your directional input. It gets slightly slower as the distance between Maypul and her target increases and consumes the mark in the process.

The 'sling shot' version of Up Special is a valuable combo tool. Using a Neutral Air or Up Air after the sling shot can kill opponents off the sides or the top

Forward Special 4% Quickly travels a short distance horizontally, marking opponents hit. Leaves Maypul helpless. If you flick the control stick in the opposite direction just after inputting the move, Maypul dashes a small distance backwards. This can combo into moves such as Up Tilt. If Maypul misses this move on the ground, there is a lot of endlag.
Down Special 8% (plant)

4% (aerial)

If used in the air, quickly travels a short distance downwards, marking opponents hit, similar to her side special.

If used on the ground, Maypul sprouts her plant. The plant wraps up close opponents that are marked and in hitstun. Throwing seeds at it will both feed it and juggle the seeds back up in the air.

The plant lasts until it wraps an opponent or a new one is planted. It also disappears after 8 seconds but can be fed a seed to reset this timer.

Advanced Tech

  • Jump + Up Air: Gain a boost in vertical momentum, useful for recovering and killing off top
  • Reverse side B: If you hold back during start up frames of side B, Maypul will dash backwards while facing the same direction, seeding any opponents that she hits while sending them backwards. This can begin a combo.
  • Cancelled Up B: On a platform,Up B and hold down immediately after the first hitbox appears. If successful, you can wavedash back onto the platform and go for another kill off top if the Up B does not kill.


Special Costumes

Ragnir Maypul

The Ragnir Maypul skin is an alternate skin that transforms Maypul into a character from the fighting game Brawlhalla. This skin does not affect gameplay, but it does change Maypul's attacks to have fire visual effects.

Lily is now a weapon that is stuck in the ground. When an opponent goes near the weapon, it turns into an axe to attack.



Maypul is the self-appointed Guardian of the Aetherian Forest. Her fellow tree-dwellers live in insular strongholds in the forest canopy - the quarrels of Aether quite literally beneath them. Yet Maypul senses something rotten in the world of Aether. Only she listens to the whispers of distress amongst the trees. And so, Maypul patrols the forest seeking out threats to her home. She parlays with the surface dwellers, much to the dismay of her treetop clan. However, she commands fearful respect throughout the forest for her unhesitating vigilantism. She uses her agility to trap any unknown intruders before they even realize she is there.


  • Up-special teleportation name is "Sling shot", down-special plant is "Lily".
  • Maypul is the sixth character to be announced, along with Forsburn. She represents the element of nature and is a mix between a ferret and a raccoon.
  • Lily is the only object to have a taunt animation.
  • In the Battle Network series, her NetNavi counterpart is Maypul.EXE, with her operator Dawn.
  • In the achievement "A Maypul story" is perhaps a nod reference to the Nexon game's Maplestory.

Maypul was the first character to get an alternate character skin.

  • Dan Fornace challenged Brawlhalla to a twitter contest and lost, so he had to include this skin. Brawlhalla also decided to make a Ranno skin even though they won.