Genesis 5 was a major Rivals of Aether tournament held on January 19-21th, 2018 in Oakland, California. It was the last tournament of the Rivals Championship Series (RCS) Season 2. Many top players attended, including Fullstream, CakeAssault, MrLz, LBO, DolphinBrick, Windows, Kaos, and MSB. This tournament was one of the largest Rivals events as it had 154 entrants.


Standing Player Character
1st T2 | CakeAssault Forsburn
2nd PG | Fullstream Ori
3rd MrLz Maypul
4th TUX | LBO Zetterburn
5th TUX | DolphinBrick Orcane
5th AF | Windows Wrastor, Kragg
7th Protagify Absa
7th Kaos Maypul, Etalus
9th FS | TurtleBox Kragg
9th TwistedSin | TheFailWhale1 Etalus, Kragg
9th T2 | Penguin Absa, Ranno
9th VexX | AZCards Kragg
13th Jesier Ori
13th MSB Kragg
13th Ralph Clairen
13th ZeeBee Kragg
17th TUX | TheBestAdamCarra Maypul
17th Lord Bagel
17th FP | Jorane
17th TwistedSin | SBS
17th ProDoubleSushi Forsburn
17th Dam Danny
17th sawseBawse
17th TSMSB | Dunk

Character Placements Edit

Character Highest Placement
Zetterburn 4th
Orcane 5th
Kragg 5th
Wrastor 5th
Forsburn 1st
Maypul 3rd
Absa 7th
Etalus 7th
Ori 2nd
Ranno 9th
Clairen 13th

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Trivia Edit

  • Both Trevor Youngblood and Dan Fornace from the development team entered Genesis 5
    • Trevor ([MB] Youngblood) placed 65th.
    • Dan (d4nace) placed 97th.