The Gatekeepers are the final bosses of Story Mode. They appear as a pair of eyes on shadowy stalks from which they fire energy lasers and emit shadowy clouds, similar to Orby. They are fought on the Aethereal Gates and, after defeated, open the gates into the Endless Abyss.

They return in Abyss Mode on Waves 13 and 14 of the fifteen-wave cycle, first as an invincible hazard and then fought directly once more. In addition, they are the hazard of the Aethereal Gates stage's Aether Mode, and cannot be defeated there. In Basic Mode, they merely act as platforms.

Attacks Edit

Purple Energy Bullets Edit

The Gatekeepers occasionally shoot energy bullets at you. They can be parried and reflected back at the Gatekeepers. Each bullet deals 8%.

Laser Beam Edit

The Gatekeepers can shoot laser beams in many directions. They can move while firing the beam downwards at the stage.

Large Energy Ball Edit

This attack starts when the Gatekeepers both shoot three energy bullets into the sky. Instead of falling down individually, the bullets combine into a single large energy ball which falls toward the player's position. This attack can be parried, and it deals a fair amount of damage to the Gatekeeper. Even if you are hit by the initial energy bullets, the energy ball will still appear.

Energy Bombs Edit

Three small indicator explosions will appear one at a time around the stage. After they have all appeared, much larger explosions will happen at the indicated spots in the same order.

Black Hole Edit

Sometimes, the Gatekeepers will create a multi-hit attack similar to Orby's. You can escape its pull and its final hit by DI'ing outwards. The Gatekeepers are mostly invincible during this move. (Some projectiles like Kragg's neutral special and Wrastor's forward special do still work)

Great Energy Burst Edit

The whole stage begins to charge up energy at the beginning of this attack. Then, the stage erupts with purple energy, dealing extremely high knockback to any character near it. Try to go lower than the stage when the energy erupts, then recover with a series of Up Specials and wall jumps.

Strategies Edit

The Gatekeepers can be very intimidating at first glance, but with the correct strategy, they are an easy opponent. This is a list of important things to remember during the boss fight.

  1. Hitting Abyss clones into the Gatekeepers will make them dizzy, enabling you to attack an eye without being attacked.
  2. Parrying projectiles back at the Gatekeepers will do significant damage to them.
  3. If you hit the middle of the stage with some specials, (Zetterburn's down special) the Gatekeepers will take damage.