Zetterburn Forward Tilt
Forward tilt, also known as f-tilt for short or side tilt, is a tilt with left or right as the input. It can be performed by any character while on the ground by pressing the attack button with left or right as the input. 

List of Forward Tilts in Rivals of Aether Edit

Character Description Damage
Forsburn Quickly stabs with his dagger twice in front of himself. Creates smoke if he isn't fully charged. 2% (hit 1), 3% (hit 2)
Maypul Leans forward and punches with impressive range and decent knockback. 8%
Zetterburn Slashes with his claws in front of himself, hitting multiple times. It is a good combo finisher. 5% (hit 1-2)
Kragg Gives a backhand that sends the opponent diagonally. 7%
Ori Sweeps its tail forward sending its opponent horizontally. 7%
Wrastor Swings his wing in front of himself, hitting multiple times and launching the opponent diagonally. A somewhat slow attack with decent range and good knockback that is useful for starting combos due to its hitstun, but has noticeable endlag. 3% (hit 1-3)
Orcane Orcane bites forward. Fast, with good range and high knockback for a tilt. 9%
Absa Spins around and shoots out lightning forward hitting multiple times. Has impressive range and is a decent combo starter. 6% (hit 1), 4% (hit 2)
Etalus Releases an icy breath that covers the floor in a nine-spike-wide layer of ice, dealing multiple hits and launching his opponents at a horizontal angle. Is good for spacing out opponents and stuffing approaches. Also an effective edgeguarding tool. 2% (hit 1-2), 6% (hit 3)
Ranno* A front kick followed by a smaller back kick.
Clairen* Leans outward to swing her sword in a large arc.

*Character has yet to be fully released, therefore may be prone to changing.