Fire Capitol is a stage that appears in Rivals of Aether and is the homeland of Zetterburn and Forsburn. If you have purchased Clairen, this stage gets the stage skin Neo Fire Capitol.

Description Edit

Basic Edit

There are high platforms near the edges and low platforms near the center. This stage has walls, so players cannot go underneath it. The Neo version has the exact same layout.

Aether Edit

The platforms on the left are closer to the center of the stage, and a large solid wall replaces the platforms on the right.

Background Edit

Origin Edit

The stage takes place on top of a building in the Fire Capitol. The capitol is run by the Fire Council including Zetterburn and Forsburn's father, Emperor Renburn, until he was murdered.

The Neo Fire Capitol is fire capitol in the future.

Trivia Edit

  • Forsburn was banished from Fire Capitol after being accused of murdering his father.
  • The word "Rivals" is spelled out on the right side of the stage.
  • An ad on the right of the stage features "Air Dan" shoes. This is a reference to the developer of the game, Dan Fornace.
  • A sign on the left of the stage has "21XX" written on it to show that the stage is in the future. This could also be a reference to 20XX, a meme from Super Smash Bros. Melee.
  • A building on the left side of the stage has the letters "R O A" on it. This stands for "Rivals of Aether".
  • This stage features many characters made up by Ellian, the character artist in Rivals.
    • Mafia Pig can occasionally be seen a window on the left end of the stage.
    • A neon sign on the right of the stage has a giraffe on it, which was designed by Ellian.
    • A blue billboard in the background has a picture of Kingpin.
  • The pink billboard on the right of this stage randomly goes through ads, many of which are jokes
    • "Rivals of Tether" was a joke that Dan Fornace made for April Fool's day.
    • "Rivals Dojo" is a reference to a group of players who create online guides. The dojo name likely comes from the official website for Smash Bros. Brawl named "Smash Dojo"
    • "Pachy Cola" could be a reference to Packy the Elephant.