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Heavy (0.9x knockback) / Without Mech: Very light (1.2x knockback)
Ground speed:
Aerial speed:
Falling speed:
Slow (base) Normal (fastfall)
Jump height:
Low (base) Hover Speed = Fast

Elliana is a snake in a mech and the third air based character in Rivals of Aether. Her main mechanic is the heat bar. Certain moves add heat and other moves reduce heat. If the bar is filled completely, she enters the overheated state that changes her attacks and lasts for a few seconds. The heat bar is visible over her head and on the damage display at the bottom of the screen.

Elliana was previously a DLC character attainable through the Sylvanos & Elliana DLC pack. With the release of the Definitive Edition, Elliana is now part of the base roster.


Elliana is a tricky character that requires strategic thinking and resource management. Many of her attacks are vastly different than that of the other characters. For example, her Up Special attack should not be used to recover often since it is laggy and very punishable. Additionally, Elliana has the hover mechanic instead of a double jump, so she cannot easily escape certain combos and recovers differently than every other character. However, a good Elliana player can use her flexible moveset to trap opponents and secure fast kills.

Elliana's heat gauge is the most important part of her gameplay to master. It both helps and hurts her, so knowing when to overheat and when to cool off is essential to playing Elliana. Players should aim to build up heat during combos and overheat at the end of combos for a Strong Attack finisher. If Elliana overheats at the wrong time, Strong Attacks or Up Special must be used to cool down as fast as possible.

Elliana's combo game is very unique. Instead of rushing down opponents with fast moves, Elliana relies on Side Special missiles and the Down Special mine. If Elliana can explode the mine on opponents using the missiles, she has time to follow up with almost any attack. Since the missiles can be guided, they cover most of the opponent's DI options. Sticking a mine on the opponent is extremely important for combos and finishers and is the optimal move to use after parrying an opponent. While Specials are the most important part of combos, aerials must be used in between specials to rack up damage and move the opponent toward the blastzones. Back Aerial is a good tool for knocking opponents far away and can lead directly into missiles. Up Aerial can juggle opponents and kill off the top. Forward Aerial and Down Aerial can both possibly combo into a grounded move such as Jab. Neutral Aerial hits on both sides of Elliana, so it can cover many of the opponents options if spaced correctly. If Elliana has enough time to set up a combo, opponents will have a difficult time escaping it.

When on the ground, Elliana's best move is usually Jab, since it is the fastest and safest move. It has decent knockback and enough speed to be used in combos after wavelanding or wavedashing. Even though Elliana's Down Tilt is also very fast, it is less useful as it has fewer follow ups. Forward Tilt can be used to catch rolls or edge guard since its hitbox lasts for a very long time. However, whiffing Forward Tilt leaves Elliana open to a punish. Elliana's Up Tilt is her most laggy and situational tilt. It can only reliably be used if the opponent is caught in a mine explosion or steam. If Up Tilt is whiffed, the opponent has a lot of time to set up a punish. Overall, Elliana's ground game is weaker than most characters.

Despite all of Elliana's positive attributes, she has many negative ones that make her a difficult character to play. Her large hurtbox and weight let opponents easily combo her. Since Elliana's moves are generally laggy and she doesn't have a double jump, escaping combos is extremely difficult. Also, Elliana has few options to punish opponents after a parry. Her Strong Attacks only have powerful knockback if she is overheated, so she cannot simply charge a Strong Attack after a parry like most other characters. Elliana also has a below average recovery as her Up Special has a lot of endlag and is not recharged when being hit. She must rely on Down Strong and the hover ability to safely recover.


  • Has many complicated projectiles to disrupt the opponent
    • Her guided missiles move quickly and can reach almost anywhere on any stage.
  • Her mines can be detonated by the missiles or the rocket fist and lead to many possible follow ups.
  • Strong Attacks can be used both on the ground and in the air
  • Flying - Instead of having a double jump, she can hold the jump button to fly for a short period of time. This can help in recovery / combos.
  • Can release heat in the form of steam clouds that multihit opponents
    • These clouds can be blown around with moves
    • Clouds can greatly restrict the opponent's movement
  • By combining Strong attacks, Neutral Special, Up Special, and Flying, she can recover from almost anywhere
  • Fast air speed
  • Fairly flexible recovery that can be awkward to edgeguard
  • Has possibly the scariest combos in the game, being able to trap the opponent in mine explosions, snipe them with missile, and fly over to them to harass with aerials


  • Overheating - If Elliana's heat bar is filled, she will be unable to fly and unable to use Neutral, Side, and Down Special. She does not lose access to Up Special however.
    • The overheat bar does not cool down while Elliana is being comboed.
  • Many of her attacks have large amounts of end lag (Up Tilt, F Tilt, Dash Attack, Neutral Special)
  • Flying accelerates slowly, so she cannot use it to escape most combos. When combined with her high weightwith a large hurtbox, she gets comboed extremely hard
  • Can sometimes struggle to kill without getting an overheat in just the right spot
  • Getting caught out of Up Special is essentially instant death
  • Her only spike is Overheated Down Strong, which is hard to connect unless used after a mine explosion.
  • Steam can be blown around by opponents' attacks, so it is not an effective wall
  • Missiles are destroyed by opponents attacks.
    • Some of the most problematic attacks for Elliana's missiles are Ranno's needles, Ranno's bubble, Etalus' ice spikes, etc.
    • Clairen's force field and Kragg's rock are hard counters to Elliana's missiles as they completely block them instead of trading.


  • Up Special Heat Reset - Using Up Special reduces Elliana's heat bar to zero. Since Up Special can be canceled with an air dodge after a few frames, Elliana can quickly eliminate heat on stages with high platforms by using Up Special and wavelanding onto the platforms (Air Armada, Fire Capitol, etc.) On stages without high platforms, this technique is not useful.
  • Use Down Air while jumping to gain a lot of height. This can be difficult to do on certain control schemes.
  • Try to position the Steam so that Up Tilt throws opponents into it for longer combos
  • Strong Attack Hover - Elliana can hover while charging Strong Attacks. This lets her easily position them to hit opponents. If Elliana overheats while charging, the overheated version will be performed.
  • Recovery Combos -
    • Elliana regains her airdodge after using Up Special, so consuming an airdodge before Up Special is fine.
    • Use an extended aerial after a wall jump to gain extra height
    • Use Down or Side Strong attacks to get rid of heat. This will allow Elliana to hover for longer, which is her best recovery option.


  • Parry > Shorthop > Down Special > Back Aerial
  • Attach mine to opponents > Forward Special > Neutral Special (You need to predict their DI!)
  • Attach mine to opponents > Back Aerial > Forward Special > Overheated Down Strong
  • First few hits of Forward Air > Jab


In-Game Info:

"Elliana builds up heat when hovering or using specials. If she overheats, she loses access to both of them. Elliana's strong attacks fire steam and can be used in the air. While overheated, they fire explosions instead. Elliana's Up Special ejects her from the ship, putting her in a dangerous position until she touches the ground."

Elemental Powers:

  • OVERHEAT - Elliana’s ship heats up when she uses specials or her unique double jump that allows her to hover. Once overheated she can no longer use specials or hover.
  • LETTING OFF STEAM - Elliana can perform Strong Attacks to expel steam from her ship, lowering her Overheat bar. When she is overheated, her strong attacks let off a powerful explosion instead that can KO opponents.
  • ABANDON SHIP - Elliana can use her Up Special to abandon ship even when overheated.


Move Damage Description
Abilities 1% (per steam hit) Steam Clouds: These are created by Strong Attacks when Elliana is not overheated. They can be 'blown around' by nearby hitboxes. These can be used to control certain parts of the stage. Opponents cannot be hurt by steam while attacking.

Heat Gauge: Elliana's mech has a heat gauge on it. Using moves and hovering increases the mech's heat. If the mech overheats, Elliana cannot use Forward Special, Neutral Special, and Down Special. However, Elliana's strong attacks become drastically powered up while overheated.

Dash Attack 2% (Each hit) One of the mech's rotors hits enemies in front. The attack button can be held to extend this move, but heat is increased. Elliana cannot fall off platforms during this move.
Neutral Jab 5% Elliana reaches out of her mech and bites opponents. This move is one of Elliana's fastest grounded moves.
Forward Tilt 2% (Each hit), 5% (Final) A drill comes out of the mech's arms and hits opponents. The attack button can be held to extend this move, but heat is increased. The final hit of this move does a good amount of knockback.
Up Tilt 2% (Grab), 10% (Launch) A claw is launched out of the mech straight upward. This can reach the top platforms on most stages. An opponent touched by the claw will be grabbed and shot out of the mech left or right (based on the control stick).

Only one opponent can be grabbed at a time.

Releases all heat if an opponent is grabbed.

Down Tilt 4%, 7% This move has two parts - A kick that hits outward and a kick that hits upward. The second part is optional.
Up Strong 5-8% (Steam Burst),

11% - 17% (Overheated)

While not overheated, this attack releases a cloud of steam and reduces heat. When used in the air, this attack forces Elliana downwards. The longer this attack is charged, the more steam is released.

While overheated, this attack functions like a normal strong attack and reduces heat. It still forces Elliana downwards in the air.

Elliana has lower horizontal friction on the ground when using this attack.

Forward Strong 5-8% (Steam Burst),

11% - 17% (Overheated)

While not overheated, this attack releases a cloud of steam and reduces heat. When used in the air, this attack forces Elliana backwards. The longer this attack is charged, the more steam released.

While overheated, this attack functions like a normal strong attack and reduces heat. It still forces Elliana backwards in the air.

Down Strong 5-8% (Steam Burst), 1% (Steam), 11-17% (Overheated) While not overheated, this attack releases a cloud of steam and reduces heat. This attack forces Elliana upwards. The longer this attack is charged, the more steam released. If Elliana uses this attack multiple times without touching the ground, it releases less heat each time (to prevent infinite stalling).

While overheated, this attack functions like a normal strong attack and reduces heat. It still forces Elliana upwards.

This move is very important for Elliana's recovery as it launches her upwards and reduces heat.

Neutral Air 5% (body), 8% The mech sends out wrecking balls on both sides. The wrecking balls have sweetspots, and there is a weaker body hitbox. The button can be held to increase heat and hover.
Up Air 8% The mech does an overhead sweep with one of its motors. This move is a good option for juggling and getting kills off the top. If this move is fast-falled, it can be used to hit most opponents on the ground who are not crouching.

The button can be held to increase heat and hover.

Forward Air 3% (x2), 4% The mech's rotors hit opponents in front of Elliana. A good move for blowing around steam. The button can be held to increase heat and hover.
Back Air 7% (body), 11% The mech punches backwards. This move can be extended by holding the button, but the mech's heat will increase slightly. Holding the button also causes Elliana to hover. There is a sweetspot at the fist.
Down Air 3% (x2), 4% The mech's legs spin to hit opponents below Elliana. This move boosts Elliana upwards, making it useful after a walljump. The button can be held to increase heat and hover.
Neutral Special 4%, 9% (Explosion) Elliana aims one of the mech's arms. The arm can be shot at any angle, and Elliana will be knocked back in the opposite angle. The button can be held to extend the aiming time. This move increases the mech's heat greatly.

The punch zooms through opponents and explodes after time or when hitting a solid block. This means the arm can be used to hit opponents through platforms.

The rocket fist detonates mines and has a stronger explosion when hitting a mine.

This move cannot be used while overheated.

Up Special 10% Elliana ejects out of her mech. The height of the jump can be increased or decreased with the control stick. While outside of the mech, Elliana can only air dodge and wall jump, and takes much more knockback.

The mech self-destructs when its overheat gauge fills up completely (this takes about a second, unless the mech already has heat). The mech's explosion hits enemies upward and can kill off the top.

Elliana has 3 frames of invincibility at the start of the attack and is invincible to projectiles when rising.

Using Up Special causes Elliana's mine to fall off marked enemies.

This move reset's Elliana's heat.

Forward Special 2% (normal), 20% (fully charged) Elliana fires a missile from her mech. The button can be held to charge up the missile, which increases its size and damage at a full charge. The missile can be steered using the control stick. The fully charged missile is harder to steer and slides across the ground.

The missile detonates mines, which can lead to mine chain combos.

This move cannot be used while overheated.

Note: This move can be crouch canceled to greatly reduce the knockback.

Down Special 12% Elliana drops a mine on the ground. If the mine touches an opponent while falling, it will attach to him/her. Only one mine can exist at a time. The mine is inactive for 100 frames. The mine can be blown up with missiles from Side Special to stun the opponent, or by using Neutral Special which causes a large explosion. The mine is removed when Elliana dies.

This move cannot be used while overheated.

If a mine is exploding, another mine cannot be placed.

Using Up Special drops the mine off an opponent.

Note: This move can be crouch canceled to cancel all knockback.


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Elliana wanted to fly, so she went to an Air Armada recruitment center. However, as she was a snake, she was not accepted. Even though she created a flying machine, the Air Armada would not accept her.

Elliana eventually found Ayala, a rabbit who knew more about steam machines. The two of them created a mech. Elliana added weapons to the mech and set out to destroy the Air Armada.


  • She is the thirteenth character to be announced and represents the element steam / wind.
  • The name 'Elliana' comes from the pixel artist of Rivals, Ellian.
  • Elliana has a command grab
  • She is the second character to be able to use Strong Attacks in the air, the first being Wrastor.
    • She is the first character who can use Strong Attacks on the ground and in the air, the second being Shovel Knight with Dynamo Mail equipped.
  • The idea of a character in a mech has been mentioned many times before. In one reddit thread, in response to the question, "What ideas do you have for the next Rival?", Dan Fornace replied, "Steampunk Mech thing with an overheat bar like Rumble from League of Legendsssss."
  • The name 'Elliana' had been mentioned multiple times by the developers before the reveal. In one tweet, Dan Fornace said, "well maybe they won't love Elliana. that one is still on the fence."
  • When Elliana is frozen by Etalus' Down Special, she loses heat extremely quickly
  • Arcade Elliana features a special taunt in which she plays the game "Snake" on a small screen.
  • Her eject move seems to be inspired by Bowser Jr's Up Special from the Super Smash Brothers series. Both her Side Special and Down Special seem to be inspired by Snake's respective moves.
  • Elliana's mech is named "YB-33", as a reference to Youngblood of the development team.