Zetterburn Down Tilt

Zetterburn's down tilt

Down tilt, also known as d-tilt for short, is a tilt with down as the input. It can be performed by any character while crouching or walking by pressing the attack button with down as the input. 

Down tilt generally has good range making it good for spacing, stopping approaches and starting or extending combos. 

 List of down tilts in Rivals of Aether Edit

Character Description Damage
Forsburn Leans forward and slashes his dagger in front of himself. Launches opponents diagonally. Has good range and is good for starting and extending combos. 9%
Maypul Spins and sweeps tail on the ground. Launches opponents upwards leading into follow-ups with aerial attacks. 9%
Zetterburn Swipes his claws along the ground in front of him. It has good range with fast startup and small ending lag making it relatively safe in neutral. 9%
Kragg Quickly punches one arm forward along the ground. Has a very fast startup and low ending lag. Deals low knockback making it a good combo starter. 7%
Ori* Rolls forward dealing moderate damage and launching opponents upward. 6%
Wrastor Crouches low and delivers a low sweeping kick. Launches opponents upwards and slightly away making it a good combo starter. 7%
Orcane Quickly crouches and spins while sweeping his tail, launching opponents slightly up in front of him. 9%
Absa Zaps the ground in front of herself while standing. One of Absa's fastest ground attacks but has poor range. Great for edgeguarding due to horizontal knockback. 7%
Etalus Crouches and swipes his claws in front of himself. 5% (hit 1), 6% (hit 2)

*Character has yet to be fully released, therefore may be prone to changing.