Damage is the measure of how vulnerable a character is to the knockback of attacks. The more damage a character has, the farther he gets launched. Damage is represented by a percentage integer from 0% to 999%.

The usual kill percent threshold is around 100%, which is the point where strong attacks will usually take your stock. This can vary a lot depending on the character's weight and the player's DI.

If a match ends due to time constraints and each player has an equal amount of stocks left, whoever has less damage taken wins the match.

Damage is displayed above the character's heads and on the bottom of the screen.

Trivia Edit

  • Once a character has 100% damage or more, the damage above his/her head will be displayed in a black "speech bubble."
    • Once a character has 200% damage or more, the damage display on the bottom of the screen will begin to blink.