Aether Map (Story Mode)

A map of Aether as seen in Story Mode.

Aether is where Rivals of Aether takes place. It is the homeland of the characters and is where most of the stages are located. Likewise, all of Story Mode takes place in Aether.

Aetherian ForestEdit

The Aetherian Forest is the northwestern-most region of the southern continent Aether, and is surrounded by the Rock Wall. Directly to the south-east is the Archai Mountains, the homeland of Absa. It is a massive region, covered by thick forests and is the homeland for notable characters such as Maypul, Kragg, and Mayreed.

In the forest lives the tree-dwellers who live in insular strongholds in the forest canopy high above the floors of Aether. The treetop dwellers look down on the lowly denizens of the forest floor and much to the dismay of the Treetop Clan, Maypul, the self-appointed Guardian of the Aetherian Forest, parlays with the surface-dwellers as she knows the forest is one; they will thrive or perish together.

During story mode, Maypul discovers that the forest is infested with a mysterious purple shadow causing plants to turn twisted and ugly when touched by the deadly shadow. At the conclusion of story mode, the shadow is defeated restoring the forest to its once peaceful and healthy state.

Rock WallEdit

The Rock Wall, as its name implies, is a massive wall made out of rock that surrounds the collosal land of the Aetherian Forest. The Rock Wall is home to the Wall Runners (Wallbuilders) who devote their whole life maintaing and patrolling the Wall. Most of the Wall Runners are born on the wall and will never set foot on the floor.

During story mode, the Northern Wall was breached and in desperate need of repairs. As he was repairing the Wall, Kragg defeated multiple Abyss Clones and after was confronted by Mayreed. After realizing his beloved forest was in danger, Kragg set off away from the Wall, in order to defeat the strange purple disease.

Fire CapitalEdit

The Fire Capital are the rulers of the Firelands and are a battle hardened, bellicose nation that constantly seeks to expand its influence over neighbouring lands. It is ruled by the Fire Council and their leader Emperor Loxodont, who tend to their matters in the Fire Capitol, the nations capitol. 

The nation was formely led by Emperor Renburn, the father of Forsburn and Zetterburn, until he was murdered.

During story mode, the then-leader Emperor Renburn was slain and Forsburn was framed for his murder. Forsburn was then condemed by his brother and fled the nation.