Abyss Mode is a game mode in Rivals of Aether that requires 1 or more players to go through set waves, or challenges that get progressively harder.

Waves Edit

Wave Name of Challenge Normal Amount of Challenge*
1 Defeat weak enemies 10 enemies
2 Destroy the Hexes 4 hexes
3 Dodge the Energy surges and fight 1 enemy
4 Destroy the seeds quickly 4 seeds
5 Defeat the armored enemy 30% armor
6 Defeat weak enemies 15 enemies
7 Destroy the obelisk quickly 8 seconds
8 Send enemies into the rifts 3 rifts
9 Absorb the light ---
10 Avoid the ground 15 seconds
11 Defeat weak enemies 20 enemies
12 Defeat explosive enemies 6 enemies
13 Defeat the Gatekeeper's minions 3 enemies
14 Defeat the Gatekeepers 150 HP
15 Restore your health 20 seconds, restore up to 50 HP

*this amount will change if you have more players and if you are at higher waves.

You can also pay Aether coins to skip waves. The amount you can skip is based on how many waves you have completed.

Leveling Up Edit

After each round, a blue crystal appears in a random location that you can attack to gain experience points that raise the level of your character.

When your character levels up, they gain more slots to equip Abyss Runes. When your character reaches level 10, a special icon and the Abyss skin of your character are unlocked.

Trivia Edit

  • It is unknown if Abyss Mode is canon to the story. When asked if the heroes were trapped in the endless abyss, Dan Fornace replied: "I DUNNOOOOO ;)"[1]
  • Abyss Mode's beta also included many placeholder images, including a giant smiley and sad face that represent the capture point, pinatas (which later became blue crystals), kittens that represent the falling seeds, and a chicken which represent the obelisk[2].

References Edit

  2. Alpharad's YouTube video on testing Abyss Mode.